Question for the ladies!
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Feb 29, 2008
As we might know, the audiophile market and group is well, a sausage fest. (Slang to describe a male-dominated aspect of society if you don't know).

The question is well, for the ladies, why do you think that, even though women biologically have better hearing than us guys, there are so few women liking their sound products/ interested in their sound products?

Am I just falling for a stereotype?
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Ohh boy
This thread is gonna be fun.

However, I'm not sure if the whole hearing thing is true or not
I'd think that women would prefer to allocate their money elsewhere first

And how many women do you know with a Creative Xtremegamer sound card?
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Originally Posted by gideonMorrison /img/forum/go_quote.gif
Women > clothing. End of, haha.
Also, women like to have an ipod and decent earphones but nothing too fancy... apart from Anouk and some other ladies here who are into the whole head-fi thing.

Yep. I'm into hi-fi since at least 15 years and rarely if ever met a women, alone, in hi-fi stores or at audio shows. Most of the time they accompany their men at these places to either please them and/or watch they aren't going to spend too much money...

It's similar with cars, where women are generally in the market of small, fuel efficient, reliable but extremely boring cars.

This is the way it is, we are different and this is a good thing. There's always exception and, here on head-fi, we can learn a lot for their advises or observations since they have better hearings than us
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Hi, i am a 17 yr old GIRL...
weird huh?? you'd think i'd be some super nerdy type but nope, im actually girly, have boyfriends, vice president, play sports, etc!
my friends would probably drop dead if they knew i was on here
no offense of course-just the other day i was talking to one of my friends about iems and her eyes glazed over. hahaha
but, well, i am a musician (7 yrs violin) and i just appreciate music and i know my ipod headbuds aren't cutting it!

Btw, for guys,
I met one guy the other day with pretty high end headphones and I find that attractive : ) even though he looked like a dork with them on. I tried on his headphones and we had a nice chat about closed and open headphones and how Bose is over-rated. haha!
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Oh and in response to the actual question...(hehe)
my friends really just arent interested in electronics i guess. they're all happy with the ipod headbuds and usually only listen with one headbud in the ear too...while they are texting/supposed to be listening in class so, as long as they are happy

Oh one more thing, the other day i tried on some headphones at an audio store....bunch of middle aged guys, the shop keeper must have thought i was out of place
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Originally Posted by atothex /img/forum/go_quote.gif

Haha how does that make me a nerd?!

Vice president is actually a pretty social thing as the whole school votes.
Violin. Personally, I think it's classy. : )
K yeah, i am a nerd on the inside. but next time you see a group of blonde girls shopping, think again!
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Originally Posted by Rednamalas1 /img/forum/go_quote.gif
if this is turning into dating thread.. let me know

Wanna go out?

Edit just to stay on topic:
I've shared my headphone fetish with 2 girls (including gf), and they both think I'm a freak and a dork. But What, one is an engineer, and the other works at Google.
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The other day I showed some pics of Grado RS-1 to a woman friend, and she told me they looked cool. Showed her the AKG 701 pics and she tough those looked cute.

So maybe some just need a better introduction to the headphone world, taking the music angle as a hook and not too much on the "geeky-hardware" aproach. And I second the comment about most women prefering to spend money on something else.

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