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Question about etymotic hf line

  1. nuipisqo
    Hey head-fi gurus,
    I have a pair of red and a pair of blue etymotic cables that I bought used. I was going to crack them open and make two pairs of:
    red right ear / blue left ear hfx cables.
    I understand that there are smt resistors in cable, I was going to use iphone earbuds as donor cables.Questions that I have for the experienced:
    should I use the same value SMT resistors? what are the consequences of me increasing the ohmage?
    is it bad practice to hot glue a smt resistor inside of the earphone enclosure? At least with higher powered devices, resistors could get hot..
  2. kmhaynes
    Uh, just put some blue tape on the left cable of red set, and put red tape on the the right cable of the blue set.  No breaking, soldering, gluing, ruining, etc!
  3. nuipisqo
    Bling factor is what I'm going for.
    Yes, I totally get it... tape does the trick without potentially ruining the product.
    I was just hoping for a hacker's PRO-line solution. BLING BLING! :)

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