Question about Akg 601
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Feb 18, 2010
I bought these headphones some time ago and never got anything out from them. I have pc with m-audio audiophile 192 and old techincs stereo amp SU-X101 where i can get good sound with sennheiser hd-280 pros. But the akg 601 sound like crap really.. very weak no bass nothing, is it just that they need headphone amp or they just sound weak and "neutral" compared to the hd 280's.. are they going to rock if i get amp or will the sennheisers still sound "stronger" iv read the sennheisers are more "powerfull" but i think the stereo amp just doesnt drive the akgs well, i have to turn the volume allmost full from the amp to hear anything at all.. i cant believe they would be so bad, so its just the old technics amp doesnt have enough power for them or something?. I,m quite amateur so i dont know much, if this topic is waste please quide me in right topic.
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just behind the k501 as one of the hardest headphones to power.
and, even so, still considered a bass-shy headphone.
however, they are praised for their life-like midrange.
i know at least a dozen head-fiers who prefer them to the k701.
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thanks for reply, i can hear the akgs stereo image is amazing but they just sound so weak and the music i listen just misses alot (metal, psytrance, ambient, rock, dub etc) classival is ok but just will they get any real KICK if they are run through headphone amp like some meieraudio amp.. or will the sennheisrs still have more kick if ran through such amp.. waste some 250€ to try or just sell them? The hd280 sound amazing but are uncomfortable and the earpads weat off very quickly
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It would honestly cost you less to buy easier-to-drive headphones that sound more like what you want than it would to amp your K 601 properly, and probably still not find that they have enough of whatever you mean by "kick." In all seriousness, if you can stand a closed headphone given your setup, I would give the beyerdynamic DT 770/80 Pro a listen and skip the headphone amp.
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My k702 are much easier to power than k601 which is a real bitch. People are taking k601 into consideration mainly because they are cheaper but dont realise that you need to spend more money on a amp which is a must. My Ecler mixer power k702 quite good and I am pretty satisfied. Dont need more bass or warmth from k702, where k601 sound clearly underpowered , dig their sound but sure they need an amp. Akg is all about mids they have deep bass but its not shaking your eardrums which I like. You can check ultrasone dj1 pro dont need an amp closed and comfortable.

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