Query about HDDs
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Sep 16, 2005
Would it be worth my time to buy another internal HDD, exclusively for music and foobar. I use Vista 64.

Having it all coming from the same drive is an appealing idea, no storage issues at all.
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I recently did this. I bought a 1tb drive and partitioned it for accordingly for music/movies/pictures/other media(no, not that
). It makes everything more organized and especially makes formatting easier because all of your media is organized in a more "solid" sense. I highly recommend it if you have the funds.
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Hard drives are so cheap that I use a second drive exclusively for my music and movies. If you're using a sata drive there are no problems. If an ATA drive attached to the same cable as your primary hdd then make sure it's as fast as your primary so that it doesn't slow down the chain.
I'm anal about organizing my files and keeping my computer clean so this works for me. There's no noticeable speed difference with music files on a separate drive, but encoding video files is faster with a dedicated drive.
My friend tried this but had a cheap-ass power supply in his computer and the slight load of an extra hard drive made his system unstable. So that's the only caveat.
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Also... You might want to keep copies of your music on your regular hard drive also, or get two. Though it's unlikely hard drive failure is catastrophic (I know from experience). To me the $100 extra is more than worth making less likely that I lose all my music and photos and videos again. It's not really a matter of if the drive fails. It's a matter of when.
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I've got a lovely little 320GB USB drive for music backup. I'll get a 500GB internal, 1TB is just too much.
Lol, harddrive central is my house. I'll wipe the current 250GB music internal and fill up the USB drive then use the wiped drive for overflow.
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My server has 4x500GB, 1x1TB
1TB drives are starting to become the sweeter "price point". Music collection is duplicated on another one of the drives, just in case.

BTW, stay away from Maxtor IMHO.
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I'll just get the 500GB version of the 2 WD Caviars I've got.
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The 640gig WD AAKS's are pretty fast.

They 2 320gig platters which have a higher denisity versus 2 250gig platters.

You can get them for about 65 duckies.

Much better choice in my humble opinion.
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Yeah, I really think its worth your time.
Cause its a lot easier to have everything onboard, and not have to deal with external drives.
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Yes, this is a good idea and it sounds like you're going ahead with it. I've got 4 drives in my main computer, and I'm getting ready to upgrade one of them and rotate the old (but healthy) drive out and use it in one of my external enclosures.

One thing you may need to do is make sure you set the 2nd drive so that it isn't allowed to sleep. On some systems, sleep issues can really cause problems with extra drives, be they internal or external.

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