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QUAD ERA-1 Thread

Discussion in 'Headphones (full-size)' started by FastAndClean, Apr 24, 2018.
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  1. nicholars
    I think you were the one with both? Any more impressions? How much of a difference would you say there is in sound quality for example 10%, 50% ? Also how much of this is down to the frequency response? because I would possibly prefer the FR on the Brainwavz as I have problems with bright treble. Overall yes I might try one of them, but going to see what Quad say about out of warranty service, because that might be something that would make them worth the extra over the Brainwavz, as well as obviously the sound quality depending how much difference there is.
  2. negura
    If I had to choose just one of them today it would be Quads. Based on the same impressions you and everyone else could read here and elsewhere 2 friends of mine bought the Quad and one the Alara. As of right now only the first one received the Quads and he is loving them. We all have different preferences. But to be able to read between and connect the lines one needs experience with enough gear in this hobby so they can relate with other people preferences, biases and impressions. Gotta start somewhere building that though. Imo one cannot go wrong with either the Alara or the Quad.

    Also taste and preferences in audio are rarely fixed. They can evolve and change with time.

    These are new models so reliability is unknown. Such is early adopter risk with anything. If you want something that is well performing enough and almost for sure doesnt break, check Senn HD6xx. They are cheaper but also lower performing imo than the Quads.

    I will not have any new sound impressions to add for about 2 weeks due to real life stuffs.
    Last edited: Feb 23, 2019
  3. nicholars
    Ok thanks, I am not inexperienced with this stuff, but yes just trying to find out of the Brainwavz is a massive bargain, or significantly worse than the Quad.
  4. nicholars
    Also LOL I just looked at your sig, are you seriously using 2 x 100w mono power amps to power your headphones? Is that not just slightly over powered? haha
  5. negura
    When bridged mono 2x380 watts in 8ohms max power would be more accurate. The OG HE-6 are more inefficient than my full size speakers. But THX tech is so quiet even very efficient headphones are a great match, with enough attenuation of course.

    This much power is overkill for any speakers or headphones I ever considered using. It's not about max power output though.
    Last edited: Feb 23, 2019
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  6. FullBright1
    After studying Alara reviews for a while today, i feel that there is a real consensus of opinion regarding their sound.

    1.) Bass heads will love these

    2.) Lower midrange pumped to add "warmth".

    So, what im interpreting, is that these are a set of Planar's which are going to please people who like a thick sound, with excellent bass.......more then any other type of listener.

    I dont own them, but i have studied carefully today quite a few reviews, and every single review has more to say about their bass response, then any other aspect of their sound.
    its as if they say this......"love the bass, the bass is outstanding, very warm, lovely bass extension, bass, bass, bass, bass.......and oh yes, they have a bit of boosted upper mids, and the Treble is pretty good.""""
    So, this is, perhaps, a verdict.

    If i buy them, i'll compare them to my Audeze X's and make a few comments.
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  7. nicholars
    Yes please do compare them to the Quads and LCD, they do look very interesting, especially as I like dark sound and bass. But the question is whether the sound is the same quality as the Quads, eg. things like detail, soundstage, imaging, sibilance, etc etc, except a different FR. I think they might be the same headphones, which are some OEM from china or japan. Just different grilles and pads, which can have a pretty huge effect on sound. But they might be the same drivers (same impedance and sensitivity). Depending what Quad say about their out of warranty policy with these, the Brainwavz might be a very good bargain, or maybe they just sound worse I don't know.

    Also at approx half the price of the Quads, the lack of repairs out of warranty is more forgivable. Also could be that these drivers are reliable and that is not a problem, but from reading about other planar brands it seems like planars are not as reliable as dynamics, mostly seems to be audeze that had some problems in the past I think they are improved now.
    Last edited: Feb 23, 2019
  8. dan3952
    Don't be difficult, please, my test setup had to do. Testing all of them in a quiet environment wasn't and still isn't possible. Due to my work arrangement, I had been away from my house for a year at the time, and had lived in a hotel. Even if I had enough money to own five pairs at once, the listening environment in my 300 sq ft of private space was still noisy. Even if it wasn't noisy, and I wanted to take them somewhere quiet, there's no room for five pairs in the car. So, my only other option would have been to own five pairs and choose to test them in an "it is what it is" arrangement. The ones I didn't want would have had to be put up for sale, and there was no time for that, or the questions from buyers.

    I had sold the much maligned Sennheiser HD700's (with the "unnatural treble" that can be EQ'd out) before going about getting a new pair, as well, so you can say, those hadn't been tested critically either. The best I could do in that case, is bring well mixed music that I know very well, into the store, and listening to all headphones I had tested using the same amplifier that I have. I would play two or three songs, all of different genres, on each one that I tested. Those were the same songs that I had used to test tower speakers, cd players, and power amplifiers, years ago. At least at the shop, I know that everything has been burned in.

    If you disagree with my ultimate method of choice, consisting of playing what had been cut down to a twenty second passage of one song on the three headphones that had made my short list back to back, then you seem hard to please. In some cases there had been other people in the listening room, yes, who had done their best to stay quiet. People can take actions such as choosing a time of day when there aren't many customers, and little noise outside. Yes, you can say that I had been guessing at level matching at the time, and might have preferred the loudest one.

    Would my memory or hearing have been any better if I had previously owned AFO's and wanted to replace them with the ERA-1? My listening environments wouldn't have changed, if that was the case.

    ERA-1 still interests me, especially after hearing about people's comparisons with Audezes, and I own "cold" gear, but I'm not going to get a pair right now.
  9. RatFarm
    The Quad is a no-brainer. It does everything very well.
  10. nicholars
    Have you tried the Brainwavz? They look interesting as possibly the same headphones but a darker FR and a lot cheaper.
  11. RatFarm
    I have not. My comment is merely to endorse the Quad as being a great headphone irregardless of competing units from a price perspective. At $799 I can think of many worse alternatives in that category.
  12. FullBright1
    I was just watching "Z-Review's" , as now im really interested in these......:)
    (Radar alert).
    Z, loves them., thinks they are phenoms.
    And i quote....."if someone came in this room and saw all my stuff, and said......blow my mind......i would give them the ALARA's".
    Thats interesting praise.....
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  13. FullBright1
    Im not being testy, or difficult.
    Im merely pointing out that if you are about to spend a lot of money on headphones, and you can't compare them in a real world situation, taking your time, then, you are jumping into the dark with your eyes wide shut.

    You can't decide, thoroughly, and accurately, regarding a set headphones if you have no isolation and real world access.
    This is not a myth.

    However, you can buy what you want, and do what you want.
    Just dont try to be a credible review, if all you have is very little time spent with a headphone.
    That's just reality, Dan3952.
    This is almost as bad as people who dismiss a headphone based on opinion, without ever actually hearing the product, and yet they write about why its not a good value, or a good sound.
    People are interesting.
    Everyone is s judge these days, but not everyone has the literal insight.
    I think that some people around here have forgotten that long before Tyll was reviewing headphone amps, he was building them..........:)
    Last edited: Feb 23, 2019
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  14. RatFarm
    Z-Review loves most anything until something else comes along. I would recommend disregarding his reviews as nothing more than his praising stuff for revenue or vanity purposes.
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  15. E1DA
    WOW, one more clone of era1 is disclosed! Actually, it seems era1 and Brainwavz have the same ODM source. Let's see who coming else with that phones and $200 tag? )) To be honest, era1's ID looks much more expensive vs Brainwavz and closer to ODM original(sorry, I forgot that taiwanese ODM name yet).
    Last edited: Feb 23, 2019
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