QDC - Discussion and Impressions Thread
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qdc 3SH impressions:


- does very well on instrument separation and spatial placement
- detailed, tingly highs
- mids not as smooth as the ES3 but is very well represented - not too forward
- better bass presence and punch than my hybrids
- BAL further improves on soundstage width

you’ll inevitably find your feet tapping to the rhythm, very musical signature
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Got myself a pair of Gemini with the clock art.
Looks amazing! but sound is also very good.
It seems like the main theme for the Gemini is balance and absolute clarity.

First of all, this iem is very well balanced, thus making it good for all genres of music. Not to mention that it has a switch to turn the bass up or down. Very useful feature in my opinion.
Also, the frequency range is crazy wide. Highs can go crazy high without tearing your eardrums apart, and lows can go crazy low and rumble with the bass switch turned on high.
It catches every detail while being very smooth and well balanced unlike Empire Ear's Zeus XRs or even Noble's famous Encores, which are able to present extremely detailed sound but can get pretty sibilant and high-heavy while doing so(personal opinion).
The Gemini also does not have a noticeable dip in the 10khz range like the aforementioned Encores or InEar's ProPhile 8s and you can tell the Gemini is much smoother and natural from the mid-highs to the highs (especially in the sounds of drum cymbals) as a result.
Separation feels on par with Noble's Encore. The soundstage is almost identical to the Encore as well, however a bit more airiness is present.

The sound signature of the Gemini reminded me of Sennheiser's HD600 with a little bit more flavor added.
Flat overall, with a slight boost in the bass however without masking any other frequency.
Highs sound very open, airy, fresh and tingly thanks to the wide frequency range.
Mid-Highs sound very smooth, making the sounds of cymbals and high-hats extremely enjoyable (Not sibilant or fatiguing).
Mids are also detailed and forward and keeps the original tone of the singer (A bit thinner than the Encore but much fuller than the ProPhile 8).
Lows are rock solid on the mid-lows making kick drums sound very tight and powerful (not as tight as JH Roxannes though).
The Lowest of lows are there when needed and loosens just enough to add deep rumble factors to the music, enhancing the overall atmosphere.

Build quality is top-notch as well.
When you look inside, you can see that all the internal cables are braided or shielded in some way and organized. I can't seem to find any air pockets in the mold either.
Also, I have requested the qdc logo and serial number to be printed in gold where my ears touch (opposite side of the faceplate) and they seem to be coated or embedded in the mold itself some way to prevent them from getting damaged. Very nice touch.

The only problem I have with the Gemini are the position and material or the switches.
It would have been much better if they had the switches made in some sort of a metallic material, because they feel plasticky and easy to break. I also would have preferred the position of the switches to be like how InEar's ProPhile 8 has it. So that I never have to touch it when I'm putting the iem on or off.

Honestly, the only reason I think qdc isn't getting much attention on head-fi is because it's a Chinese brand and not a lot of have auditioned it.
It is already gaining quite a bit of traction here in Korea. Once people start to hear how these things sound like, I think qdc is going to get crazy popular.

I had multiple chances to audition these and never gave them a listen simply because they were a Chinese brand.
That was my worst mistake. After just one listen, I bought it on the spot. Never went back to my Kaiser since.
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Here is the measurement for the 8SH from a Korean website. It supposedly has the same frequency response as the Gemini with bass switched off. Not sure if it is true, but sounded very similar when I tried it out.
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Change the cable will unlock Gemini's full potential, it's amazing!
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Change the cable will unlock Gemini's full potential, it's amazing!
Problem is QDC's pin sockets have reversed polarity with most CIEM brands (64 Audio, Empire Ears, CustomArt, AAW, Jomo etc) so I can't cable-roll with my usual cables. Plus a lot of the custom cables already have pre-bent earguides, so turning them the other way will be inconvenient to say the least. Good excuse to buy new cables though lol.
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Change the cable will unlock Gemini's full potential, it's amazing!

I have a Effect Audio Thor 2, but I haven't used it on my qdc yet because I have heard the qdc iems do not support the ciem standard 2 pin connectors.
The diameter of the plugs are a tad bit smaller and the polarity is reversed as well on qdc iems.

So right now, I'm trying to contact Effect Audio about if they can replace the ciem standard connector to a qdc connector because I know I won't be using any of my other iems for a while :wink:.
But if they can't do it, it's going to be a pain in the butt trying to find a brand that makes cables with qdc plugs.. good thing they have decent cables standard.
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Take a look at the neptune too, guys. Pretty amazing for the price. Way cleaner sounding than the noble x massdrop and then ITO3
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Upcoming 6-driver IEM from QDC, the Anole. Tunable with two switches. I don't know anything beyond what's in the picture though.


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