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Can't comment on whether you really need them to be micas, but they're $1.50-$2.00 each and you need two of them. Doesn't sound that expensive to me, considering that you're building a project that costs around $80 in parts alone (without an enclosure).
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Just wondering, but do you really need a MICA CAPICATOR (220pf 500V MICA 5.9mmLS), or will a normal radial capicator (with longer wires to stick up above the board) be fine? Those ones seem quite expensive... o_O

Don't use longer wires - the inherent inductance in the lead length could cause problems.  Those Mica capacitors are there for a specific reason.  They are very stable and have excellent high-frequency and RF applicability.  Use something else like electrolytics and you'll throw the opamp into oscillation.  I think cobaltmute mentioned once that it might be OK to use film caps there, instead, but certainly not an electrolytic.
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In other words, the pupDAC II will have both single-ended AND balanced outputs.


You got me excited with that one - I thought perhaps cobaltmute had posted something.

  I know he has plans for a fully discrete output and independent power supply on his next DAC, but I'm not sure whether he plans balanced outputs.

I have a few ideas kicking around, but given that it's just ideas at the moment, there is no comments about anything either way......
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I can't seem to find this package @ Mouser.com
Let alone a category for packages or similar.
Can somebody please post the link?

Are you talking about the metal case? "Package" is the wrong word, so that's why you can't find it. They're called "enclosures", and the one listen in the pupDAC BOM is the Hammond 546-1455C801BK, Mouser part no. 546-1455C801BK.
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I can't seem to find this package @ Mouser.com
Let alone a category for packages or similar.
Can somebody please post the link?

Or, if you are looking for the complete parts package from Mouser - sorry, but they've made an agreement with me that it's proprietary to Beezar.  You are welcome to use the pupDAC BOM to make your own Mouser project/shopping cart.  It's only the price and packaging that's proprietary to Beezar.

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Ah, i see! :)
With all the mentionings of mouser, i thought the complete package was able through them.
I can't order from the USA, i'd probably end up paying twice the price for shipping and taxes to Europe, sorry.
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Does anyone know if the pupdac supports the ASIO4ALL driver or has another asio driver?

Yes, there should not be any issue.  The USB interface on the pupDAC is the PCM2706/7 chip.  That's used in very many DACs as the USB interface, including the grubDAC and Twisted Pear's DAC offerings such as the OPUS. 
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Is there a subsitute for the Crystek oscillator (C3391-12.000) ? Digikey is sold out (http://www.digikey.com/scripts/dksearch/dksus.dll?vendor=0&keywords=c3391-12.000) and their staff said that most likely they won't restock it in quite a while.

I don't buy from Mouser since the shipping to Canada is really expensive (and I get free Digikey shipping if I do a mail order
)... so is there another crystal that works as well?


This one should work:
It's the same one used on the GrubDAC (for DigiKey parts).  There are several oscillators that will work - it just takes making sure the size is OK and the frequency is 12.00MHz.
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I've recently had some interesting experience with laptop-USB connections and the pupDAC - NOT!  Seriously, I have a standard Dell Latitude at work with a docking station.  I thought it made no difference, but it does ... big time.  Apparently, a docking station is still not enough to equate to a full-size PC power supply.  With keyboard, mouse, printer, etc., connected, there is not nearly enough juice to power the pupDAC.  Interestingly, when I first connected a powered hub without the power, the laptop gave USB critical failure notices - not enough power.  The hub (D-Link) has several LEDs to indicate power/non-power and connections to each of the 4 outlets.  It cycles through turning on all of the LEDs when first connected.  Apparently, that was enough to exceed the USB power supply on the docking station.
There's a huge difference when power was connected to the USB hub.  The pupDAC sounded like it does at home (despite the hub's switcher supply).  So, just in case - I figure there may be a lot of pupDAC laptop users out there: be forewarned that the pupDAC may not perform up to snuff with the limits on USB power.

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