PS Audio Sprout - Live on Kickstarter
Dec 1, 2014 at 2:26 PM Post #16 of 46
So far no reviews on what they've got this thing hooked up to and how it sounds?
I've just unpacked mine and got it connected to a Mac Mini and a pair of TH900s for the time being. I haven't had more than 2 mins to listen to it but will be going through a comparison with my other combo (PS Audio PWD II + Violectric V200 or ecpaudio L-2) in a week or so.
No speakers to connect it to so curious what you're all hooking this thing up to as well.
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Got mine a few days ago. Hooked up to B&W V200 floor standing speakers puts out more than enough sound
Have my Rega RP3 hooked up to it, sound is great all round. bluetooth a breeze to sync and get going.
Have used AKGK702 and ATH AD1000x and both sound really, really strong.
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My Sprout sits in my office and is mainly used with my Philips X2's and they are a great combo. Using the USB dac on the sprout and my computer as a source. I've also got them hooked up to some Emptek R5Bi bookshelf's which also work fine in the setup. I did try the Sprout with some V-Moda Crossfade LP2's but there is a slight hum probably due to the low impedance of the LP2's. Overall the unit is very well built and sounds great with cans and speakers.
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My local Hifi dealer has access to PS Audio. I hope the next HeadFi meet they host, I can get a demo unit into the shop and have a listen. I'd be lying if I said I wasn't super curious about the Sprout. The unit is gorgeous, I've have fun with my GCHA from PS Audio, and was tempted by the Kickstarter. That said, their marketing seems a bit too "Ron Popiel-esk" for my tastes... Haha

Hope the good first impressions keep coming...
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Got the tracking for mine! Only coming from CO to AZ so I'm crossing fingers for tomorrow or Fri for delivery!!! :D

There is a local head-fi meet in Phx coming up here in January so with any luck we'll be able to run it through a decent gauntlet of different headphones and give impressions.
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Seems like zero buzz for this amp... any thoughts from owners?

I've been too busy enjoying it to really do some critical listening! Haha
But seriously, I use it every day almost without exception. I'm using it to drive some pretty solid JBL monitors at the moment. The amp is a beast. Comfortable listening at before noon on the dial and can drive well past my listening levels. The bluetooth feature is what I find myself using most often (streaming from my tablet) however I also have it hooked up via the analog in for movie listening (analog out to a powered sub). Its an amazing little all-rounder
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Shiiiiiiit.  I don't have an actual need for it right now but I'm tempted
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Nathan just published his review on HFN
Not a lot of buzz on Headfi indeed...
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  Just a heads up to anyone who is interested in purchasing a Sprout. If you buy one through Amazon ( and use promo code SPROUT11 at checkout you will get it for $499 ($300 off).  

That is a crazy good price. Is it still valid?
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That is a crazy good price. Is it still valid?

Tested it and it looks like it expired. PSA sent that out to original backers of the sprout a while ago.

The amazon code is dead, but it's on Massdrop for the same price right now, and the goal has already been hit so you are good to go on that price
Jun 14, 2015 at 11:05 AM Post #30 of 46
I'm going to pull the trigger...

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