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Project Sunrise/PS2 Tube Rolling Thread (and maybe even Project Horizon and Project Ember)

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  1. geetarman49
    apart from the led biasing indicator, v1 and v2 circuits are not exactly the same.  at high volume in the v1, there was an asymmetry in the output waveform; this has been corrected in the v2.  additionally, component values were adjusted so that a wider range of tubes could be accommodated (so, no ... components are not exactly the same).
  2. bluemonkeyflyer
    Looks like at least twice as many components in PS2 compared to the earlier version. There's a protection circuit, what else? Whatever they do, they do it great! Well done Frans and Jeremy!  I'm having a lot of fun "rolling tubes."
  3. AlbinoBlacMan
    I stand corrected. Sorry about that misinformation guys.
  4. geetarman49
    an addendum ... those who are using sunrise v1 with volume control at 12:00 o'clock position or louder should consider upgrading to v2 or the horizon.
  5. ukemaxxer
    Anyone tried a linear psu to replace the SMPS on a Horizon yet
  6. Ralf Hutter

    Sounds like something fun to try. Got any suggestions on models/brands to look at?
  7. chinook9
    Would this work?
    Anyone know if replacing the wall wart with something like this should be an improvement?
    I have a Musical Fidelity V-DAC and the Paradox regulated power supply reportedly made a huge improvement. I wouldn't know because I haven't heard it without the Paradox, but I do believe it. 
  8. ukemaxxer
    Probably for Sunrise, but Horizon uses a 48V supply
  9. ukemaxxer
    I have been looking, but at the moment, there don't appear to be many off the shelf units available. Probably going to be a DIY job
    This one may do, but I don't know about the quality of the units. I like to know myself what's inside
  10. geetarman49
    according to the descriptor, that is a switch-mode ps; look for a linear mode like this one .... http://www.amazon.com/Dr-Meter-HY2403L-Supply-Variable-Single/dp/B0094BPSL2/ref=sr_1_63?s=electronics&ie=UTF8&qid=1359912671&sr=1-63&keywords=linear+power+supply
    the mastech units look much better, but are almost twice the price ... seems like overkill though.  someone should conduct some double-blind tests to determine if any of these really do make a noticeable difference over the default ps.
  11. Micaiah
    I've looked on and off for a high quality 48 volt power supply for my Horizon without much success yet. If anyone finds something, please let me know.
    On a somewhat related note, it seems that my setup sounds better late at night (sometimes a lot better) so I suspect that the power could use a bit of cleaning up. This has lead me to look into power conditioners. Either DIY or purchase one like this: http://www.amazon.com/Furman-AC-215A-Conditioner-Auto-Resetting-Protection/dp/B003PJ6NPO/ref=sr_1_5?s=electronics&ie=UTF8&qid=1360038284&sr=1-5&keywords=furman+conditioner
    A DIY power conditioner called the Felix: http://www.audiocircle.com/index.php?topic=50284.0
    It's interesting that in the first post in the Audiocircle thread, the poster mentions that using the power conditioner, his Squeezebox sounds better with the stock switching power supply than a linear power supply with or without the power conditioner. Anyone using a power conditioner? Hope I'm not sidetracking this thread too much.
  12. ukemaxxer
    I missed that bit, never noticed it was a switcher!
    Just back to the tubes though, I recently scored two good tubes on ebay. Both NOS 60's Mullard made in Blackburn. One ECC81, one ECC82.
    Currently listening to the 81 and I've never heard bass so low from headphones. And it only cost £8! Bargain
  13. geetarman49
    don't have any mullards yet in my collection ... i guess it's about time ..  care to share the seller's link?  & how much did you get them for?
  14. chinook9
    Not sure what you might be interested in but the following is a 6AQ8 Mullard for $13.99 including shipping.  If I didn't already have 3 Mullards I'd get it just for grins.

  15. geetarman49
    thnx for that ... looks like a good deal, but the seller is harboring some form of anti-cdn bias (no shipping to canada) [​IMG]    wonder why not?
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