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Profanity filter?

Discussion in 'Feedback & Bug Reports' started by azncookiecutter, Aug 18, 2010.
  1. azncookiecutter
    Seems like it's off or not working.
  2. mlarn
    I have noticed a lot of cursing the last couple of weeks so was wondering about the same thing. I saw a warning come up a little while back, but doesn't seem to be helping much. It doesn't offend me, but common courtesy should be the rule.
  3. logwed
    Apparently there is no filtering in the new system. There shouldn't be a reason to swear on a headphone forum, tbh. Emotions shouldn't ever run that high.
  4. mlarn
    Agree with above 2 posts [​IMG]
  5. krmathis Contributor
    Just another regression!

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