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Primeamp.com Review (Buyer Beware)

  1. chadnick
    I ordered a power conditioner from Primeamp.com. My main point of contact has been Kevin. The power conditioner as listed on their site states that it is US (110V) ready. Upon receipt, it is marked for 220V only. I contacted the manufacturer and they also stated that the 220V would not work properly on 110V.

    Primeamp.com refuses to fix the issue. They will not pay for return shipping. I checked the listing and still stays USA acceptable.

    Now I have a $500+ paperweight.

    This is my personal experience with them. I am very disappointed in how this turned out.

    BUYER BEWARE when purchasing anything at primeamp.com
  2. taffy2207
    Well, I'm not familiar with US law but it sounds like a clear case of False Advertising :-


    If you decide to take them on, make sure you take a screenshot of the listing and keep any communications between you and them. You could also speak to your Card issuer and raise it with them if you paid by Card (or Paypal if you paid via them).
    Last edited: Oct 13, 2018
  3. Kyndcookie
    Credit card company is your best bet. If it is clearly marked for use in the USA and you got a product not rated for 110v then it should be clear case for a chargeback. Nothing the retailer can do if found to be at fault.

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