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PRESS RELEASE: Sennheiser Introduces 'Universal' Headsets with Full Smartphone Compatibility, Based on Three of its Most Popular Headphones

Discussion in 'Head-Fi Network & Industry News' started by joe, May 9, 2013.
  1. joe Administrator
    Sennheiser Introduces 'Universal' Headsets with Full Smartphone Compatibility, Based on Three of its Most Popular Headphones
    HD 219s, HD 429s and MM 70s All Include Integrated Microphones and are Compatible with Latest Smartphones from BlackBerry, Apple, Samsung and HTC
    OLD LYME, Conn. – May 9, 2013 – Audio specialist Sennheiser announced that it is introducing a new line of 'Universal' headsets, all of which are fully compatible with today's latest smartphone devices from companies like BlackBerry, Apple, Samsung and HTC. The new headsets, which are based on some of Sennheiser's most successful models, include the HD 219s on-the-ear headset, the HD 429 around-the-ear headset and the MM 70s ear canal headset.
    Sennheiser's new Universal headsets are compatible with virtually all smartphone brands and models, including recent models such as the BlackBerry Z10, Apple iPhone 5, Samsung Galaxy S4 and the HTC One. Each model offers consumers integrated capabilities to manage phone calls, play and pause music, change tracks and adjust the volume, making them perfect for listening and communicating while on the go. Most importantly, each new headset model delivers authentic and detailed stereo sound from Sennheiser. 
    HD 219s

    The HD 219s is an on-the-ear universal headset ($79.95), delivering vibrant sound and punchy bass. Its closed back design blocks outside noise so users can hear both music and calls without interference. The HD 219s' high-output neodymium magnets help deliver the perfect combination of precise stereo sound and a powerful bass response, while its in-line remote control, make taking calls a snap.
    HD 429s

    With the HD 429s around-the-ear universal headset ($99.95), users can enjoy Sennheiser sound quality anywhere — while never missing a call. The HD 429s, which delivers outstanding audio performance with a smooth bass response, is compatible with all smartphones and features a closed-back design, helping isolate against ambient noise. Management of calls and tracks is facilitated via the convenient in-line remote control. 
    MM 70s

    Based on one of Sennheiser most popular ear-canal models, the MM 70s universal headset ($99.95) enables users to easily manage music and communication while on the move. Featuring a pair of neodymium magnets that help deliver lifelike sound, the Sennheiser MM 70s also feature a noise isolating design that makes having conversations in noisy locations much easier. The MM 70s also includes an in-line remote and is compatible with virtually any smartphone, simplifying user control of both music and communications.
    The new HD 219s, HD 429s and the MM 70s are available now. 
  2. anthonycarbajal
    Seems like Sennheiser is making quite an effort to appeal to average consumers. In-line mics mean portable amps aren't likely to be used, and most people in the market for headphones are looking for only bass. Overall, I'm sure sound quality will suffer
    Dashstroyer likes this.
  3. Steely Dan
    I'd actually consider the 219s or 429s for home use, it would be nice to talk on the phone using a regular comfortable on ear or over ear set of headphones.
  4. Orakurumi
    Hope the plebs catch on ^^
  5. RamblinE
    Something I can use with my Blackberry?! 
  6. Elektrospeed
    Great! Good companies like Sennheiser should grow, this will definetly boost sales.
  7. Jepu
    I've got the older MM70i which seems to be very close to the MM70s. They were perhaps a little bit to the warm side, but surprisingly neutral for that price range. Very comfortable all-rounders though the first pair I had didn't last a year in almost-daily use.
    Reading Senn's own site, "natural sound reproduction" has been changed to "stereo sound with enhanced bass response" on MM70s. I'm not sure if people on these forums would be too happy about that change but sounds like this is the will of the average consumer nowadays.
  8. Arkyle
    The HD 2XX series have always offered great value and I like the fact that they are finally including remotes and mics in more models of the line. Sennheiser really needs to do this with more headphones. Turning them into headsets makes a huge difference to the average consumer. 
  9. zain
    The sennheiser mm70s don't have a non tangle wire do they ?
  10. alejenda12
    Wow it is really awesome.
    I would love to try this at my home.
    This seems to me a pretty cool stuff to enjoy.....   [​IMG]
  11. Steely Dan
    One thing I'd like to see is the release of an inline mic/controller for the Momentum with the android support of these ones.
  12. daexactbb
    nice to see small stepping stones for more widespread mics in headphones. hopefully in the future most will have them
  13. alejenda12
    Hey, Really it's a pretty cool one.Nice to try............
  14. Arvan
    I bought the mm70s, sounds great out of a phone. Good enough for daily commute and work outs. The cable feels very fragile i´m afraid. If anything breaks on these it´s going to be the cable..And the microphone works great on a newer android phone ( same connector as the iphone ) and sound quality during phone calls is actually very very good.
  15. Nicklasb
    i have the Momentum with my IP5 but my friend tested them with his Samsung Galaxy s2 and the controls etc worked. I'm not saying they work with anything like these new "universal" but even the existing products that only "officially" support apple products work with some android phones.

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