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PRESS RELEASE: Sennheiser Introduces 'Universal' Headsets with Full Smartphone Compatibility, Based on Three of its Most Popular Headphones

Discussion in 'Head-Fi Network & Industry News' started by joe, May 9, 2013.
  1. Steely Dan
    That's interesting, the forward/back controls don't work with my Korean market Note (SHV-E160S) running Jellybean, however the mic does work, which is the most important feature anyway.  I'll have to try them with some other android phones.
  2. Arvan
    Well since about 1,5 years there is a "eu" standard kind of thing when it comes to the wiring of the 3,5mm jack. Iphone and everyone else these days have the same connector and should work. However i believe that apple has some sort of patent going on on the volume buttons. I´m not 100% about this though so please fill me in. 
    The galaxy S2 was samsungs first phone to have this "standard jack". I have the s2 and previously i had the glaxy S ( which did not work )
  3. Thlayli
    We could use more quality headsets instead of the 20 dollar thing that breaks after 2 weeks, i just wish they got something like a TalkThrough tech on the Sennheiser sets. price shouldn't be an issue if it can be used as a universal headset since you would only need one for all situations
  4. Tus-Chan
    The only surprising thing about this is that Sennheiser is just now catching up to doing this. They're seriously late the party.
    I'd be more impressed if Sennheiser moved more headphones to detachable cables, and created a standard advanced functionality cable that works between them seamlessly (a compact magnetically secured 2.5mm jack comes to mind).
  5. orky87
    About time, sick of seeing Creative and Logitech stuff. I can see VOIP people going for these I know I would.
  6. rooje
    Seems to me they are securing a place in the market. Good for them.
    Having said that, it somehow does not feel audiophile when it has a mic/remote on it, but what do I know :wink:
  7. city98
    It's about time!
  8. Invalid
    Can anyone compare the mm70i and mm70s? I lost my mm70i and would like to know if there will be any improvement in sq if i get the 70s instead. :D Thanks in advance.
  9. Invalid
    Bump! :)
  10. derp4life
    would never bring HD219 or HD429 outdoor...
  11. Invalid
    Bump! :)
  12. Seegs108
    Finally. I hate when companies add features that only iphone users can use. There's a simple volume rocker on my v-moda crossfade LPs that I can't use on my HTC One. Glad to see companies making things work across all platforms.
  13. StarMenace
    I've been thinking about getting either the MM70s or the Audio Technica ATH-CKM500iS, any of you guys prefer to chime in on which is better of the two? I'm really looking for the best sounding in-ear set with in-line mic for use on Android phones. These two seem like they're up there as far as this category is concerned. What do y'all think?

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