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Possible fake FX500s?

  1. tkalee
    I found some FX500s on ebay for only $36 (1 cent + 35.99 int'l shipping):
    And I'm wondering whether they're fake.  It just seems too good to be true.  After I won the bid, I emailed the guy with my concerns, citing this head-fi thread:
    He said he'd checked the photos and they weren't fake.  And he has a high ebay rating, with positive feedback specifically on the FX500s.
    But ... he's operating out of Israel through a dealer in China.  All just sounds too good to be true.
    What do you think?
  2. Inks
    Sometimes (even in their ads) they say it's a genuine item when it reality it isn't so don't take his word for it. His ratings are positive though so if anything just get ready for a return/claim. 
  3. 3rdear
    i'd be willing to wager that they are, indeed, fake.  it doesn't come w/the extra case.  the only way i could picture fx500s at that price and be authentic is if they were used.
  4. Inks
    Yes, was thinking the same here too. Usually fakes don't have the case and it's a sign to stay away but I'm still going by the benefit of the doubt. 
  5. 3rdear
    i bought a fake pair months ago from someone in the states and didn't realize they were fake until i saw that post.  so now i'm like extra skeptical when i see earphones that are normally $150 or so, be that underpriced.  and the guy i bought it from had a pretty good rating, but it was too late to return it by then.  
  6. tkalee
    Sigh.  Yes, you've all confirmed what I was leaning towards.  Cautious is the best approach.  I don't want to pay $36 for these and then have to pay for the shipping back on a return.
    From my searches on the forum, seyo-shop seems to be a trusted retailer, and they're selling it for just $152 (including shipping to NZ).  Anyone done business with them before?
  7. TheGame21x
    They seem fake but, you never know, they might actually be pretty decent for the price. I've heard numerous claims of cheap fakes that actually sound good.

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