Portable bluetooth speaker recommendation
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Jan 19, 2012
So after seven years of good service my Loewe Speaker2Go is starting to become a little less reliable.

It's not really the speakers fault so much as the fact that my partner frequently uses it for work and she is a little notorious for not looking after electronics. She has dropped phones in toilets several times, accidentally thrown one out with the trash one day, lost every fast charging phone charger for her phone (there were three), stood on my laptop and cracked the screen, dropped her laptop, dropped my laptop, dropped this speaker, tossed a phone down the stairs accidentally... you get the picture.

I'm looking for something like the Loewe, sound-wise - articulate,tight and punchy from lows to highs. None of this UE Boom rubbish with absolutely bloated wooly bass (yes, I know you can EQ them, but they sound rubbish EQ'd and lose like 40% of their volume).

Budget is not particularly limited. Must be able to run off a battery and beyond that be truly portable, so nothing as large as say a Vifa Copenhagen 2. I don't require the sound to fill a massive room or blast outdoors, this will see most of its use at fairly close quarters. Longer battery life preferred, but even run times of 6 hours or so acceptable if the sound is there. USB-C charging preferred also, but not an absolute requirement. Apt-X is a requirement.

So far the Dali Katch looks like it might be the one, however reviews are all over the map where bass response is concerned. Some say it is plentiful, others say it is lacking (even severely lacking in one review). I'm not sure whether these reviewers are expecting the kind of bass quantity they hear in a UE Boom and finding it lacking in comparison, in which case it is likely fine, or whether it really lacks. The Audio Pro Addon C3 also looks very good, although it appears to lack Apt-X but from what I can see it may sound so good without Apt-X that I may not care (why does it seem so difficult to find what bluetooth codecs a lot of these support?). I see there is the T3+ with better battery life, but it looks like the changes in tuning will not be to my liking Vs the C3.

Anyone have other ideas or experiences to share?
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