Portable amp under 200$ to pair with my AKG K702 (Considering desktop)
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Jun 30, 2010
I need a portable amp cause I want to use it with my ipod from time to time, but the main use will be in the studio. In the studio the amp wil be paired with an audio interface (m-audio fast track pro) that has a 1/4'' monitoring output.
I want it to be under 200$ and I was already looking at Little Dot MK1+, Ibasso T3 and Ibasso D2+ Boa. I've been looking at other amps too but they are really difficult to find. I don't really know where to look... I'm in Canada.
Thanks for your input
Edit : I might consider desktop too, I just wanna be able to move it around the house. I like listening to music in my couch or in bed. As long as it's easy to carry it from place to place, it might be ok if its desktop. But i would def prefer portable.

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