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Poll: Would you enjoy a premium, high quality pen?


Would you invest in a high quality, well designed pen to call your own?

  1. Yes, a high quality pen would be awesome.

  2. Yes, but not a very likely scenario.

    0 vote(s)
  3. No, but I could be swayed.

  4. No, there's a million pens around me, why would I?

  1. epocs
    Fellow audiophiles, I have this theory that people actually would enjoy owning a beautiful, high quality, premium pen that writes super well, has wonderful balance, a nice heft, and can last a long time... but there's really not been a pen that has come across their way that has those characteristics.

    I'm starting to prototype a pen (instagram page if you're curious!) but wanted to see if people agree with my theory, or if I'm being delusional. Would love your thoughts!
  2. Double-A
  3. epocs
    Holy moly, I had no idea of that thread lol
    Double-A likes this.
  4. Double-A
    You're welcome. :xf_smile:
  5. wink
    Pens are the new dinosaurs.......:ksc75smile:
  6. wuwhere Contributor
    Like analog watches.
  7. epocs
    Realized I never followed up with this thread! Just wanted to let ANYONE who might be interested know that I launched today:
  8. serman005
    Congratulations and good luck!
  9. Spareribs
    I own a Cross Townsend fountain pen. It’s an expensive fountain pen but I got it on sale for around $70. I love it. It writes super smooth and looks classy on a desk.

    I rarely use it though but it’s nice to have since the build quality is excellent and will easily last a lifetime.

    I also own a Japanese fountain pen called the Pilot Prera and it writes extremely fine (as in tiny thin lines). This is excellent for writing notes on a tiny note pad that I use for traveling. It can write so fine that a normal ball point pen can’t do this so it’s great for those tiny note pads for traveling.

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