Poll: Who Owns SE530's or Triple.Fi's ?
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Is it just me, or does it seem that to get the best out of the Triple.fi's people have to do a number of different mods? Flip-flop mod and different foamies are the ones i read the most about. I know that when I briefly had the IE-40's, they kept falling out of my ears. However, I did just try the tips that came attached to them.

Seems like a lot of work to get the best sound... am i right?
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I think that a lot of people struggle with the fit of the Triple.fi's but to me the sound is superior and I was a die hard SE530 fan for over a year. Granted I do like the fit of the SE530 a little bit better because of the lower profile. However, to my ears the Triple.fi's are just as comfy if not more so...I mean I'm wearing them right now and they just disappear in my ears. The added treble extension really opens them up and makes them sound more like full sized open cans. IMHO the UE's sound a lot like a Grado with more bass, but no less detail. As far as all the mods go...people's ears are different and yes, you do have to experiment with the different tips in order to get them to fit right but that's the way it is with any universal earphone. For example my ears are a little different so I use the medium in the left one and the large in the right one.
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JoelC87... it says you own both the Shures and the Ultimate Ears. What do you use which IEM for, out of curiosity? If you like the Triple.Fi's better, why keep the Shures?
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Both are good IEM's, and I can definitely understand why many people would prefer the TF10. I, however, am still sticking with my SE530 for their mid and bass impact. A lot of what I'm listening to these days (power metal, r&b) just sounds so vibrant and alive with SE530. Undoubtedly the UE's will have more of the very top end sparkle, so if that's what you want and/or need, then you should go for those. But if your music is more of a fast-paced electrifying type, or a groovy smooth bassy type, the SE530 may be the better choice.
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I have the 5 Pros and upgraded to the Shures. I like the fit a lot more. I guess it's my stop for a while before I go custom.

What do you listen to? The thing I find is that everyone has their own preferences, so even if a lot of users like the Triple.Fi more, it may not be the case with you.
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Another vote in your poll for Triple Fi. My experience of their comfort is similar to Joelc87 -they are sooo nice to wear! Nor do they stick out as much as I had feared from reading previous comments about 'Frankenstein bolts' (LOL). Nor do I find that anything beyond a change of tips is needed (& what IEM owner doesn't hoard & play with different tips anyway!) tho I am experimenting with an Westone ES cable soon, just to see if ease of use can be improved...Thought of flip-flopping, but don't think I need to -they fit pretty darn nicely in stock config.

Oh, and their SQ?

The Trips disappear & I just sit for hours listening to the music...I love em.
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I listen to a lot of different sorts of music. Classical, Opera, Jazz, Rock, Indie, Electronic, Folk... basically anything except modern country and gangsta rap. Before anyone recommends the Etymotics, I don't think I could deal with the relative lack of bass.
Back in the day when i had the HD650's and the RS-1's, I liked the HD650's for cinematic stuff, instrumental stuff, and classical, while I liked the Grado's better for chamber music, and anything like jazz or rock.
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Originally Posted by rabbitsfoot /img/forum/go_quote.gif
UE's-great balanced sound thoughout the spectrum... The UE's don't have as nice a cable as I'd like-out of the box-a high quality supple-braided cable would be nice, but the nice thing about the UE is this can be changed if the user desires as the cables unplug from the earpieces.

Bang on, sir. Put a modded Westone cable on the Triple-Fi's (shortened pins), you have a sweet IEM. I'm very happy with this.
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Originally Posted by raelamb /img/forum/go_quote.gif
I did own the Shure SE530's.....until I left them in a cab tonite!


Man, that SUCKS. I hope you somehow manage to get them back. Did you take a business card or anything from the cabbie? Or have any defining memory of what cab you were in at all? If so you may have a shot.

In other news, I prefer the Shures, cuz I am a basshead and didnt like the lack mids in the UE's.
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Originally Posted by cooperpwc /img/forum/go_quote.gif
Bang on, sir. Put a modded Westone cable on the Triple-Fi's (shortened pins), you have a sweet IEM. I'm very happy with this.

I forgot who had mentioned this in another forum but I'm glad you chimed in for this info COOPERPWC. Is this cable readily available for purchase here in the U.S. or ? I'd definitely like to do this mod.
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Originally Posted by JwY /img/forum/go_quote.gif
Ultimate Ears - super.fi MOD

I saw that before mate, I'm just not sure how easy it is to get the cable out of the unit, I don't want to break them.

Ignore that comment, I didn't realise how easy the cable comes out
, just done it and it fits a lot better and no sticking out.

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