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please recommend me quality per price in-ear monitors

  1. clyhk
    prior to talk about I beg you pardon that I can't speak english as well as you (cause I'm korean and live in korea)
    I think about 1~30 dollars range and listen almost all jenre.(but prefer to bass)
    I watched Creative EP 630,650-crome (what's the difference between 630and 650?), sony mdr-ex60,pq4
    (actually I hope you recommend Within this range)
    I used before phlips SHS-8100,SHQ-3000 sony MDR-ex50
    what will be better suit for me
  2. zest
    According to ClieOS, EP630 have a warm&sweet signature, DUNU Trident might be a good choice.
  3. clyhk
    I'm glad to recommend me DUNU...
    but there's a problem that nowhere to buy in korea..
  4. tomscy2000
    If you're in Korea, try to look for Korean companies then. Local companies tend to give better bang-for-buck performance. The Feels Pro 900 uses a Siren BA armature, and should be a decent value, comparative to the MEElec A151, etc.
    I saw somewhere they sell for about 40000 won in Korea.
  5. clyhk
    ㄴ OMG! Thanks for awesome recommend!
    Altough I'm korean I hadn't any interest in korean earphones
    (cause I though Samsung or LG makes expensive - suck  small companies makes cheap - suck)
    but thanks for you I could find a good...
    Are you korean or visited here? how could you know that?
  6. tomscy2000
    You're welcome.
    No, I'm not Korean and I've never been to Korea, although my cousins are half-Korean. I merely remembered seeing the IEM reviewed briefly on the forum once, and did a fast search. The 'search' function is your friend; it's very useful, as are the mega-threads created by Joker and ClieOS. They will take you a long way in looking for the right IEM.

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