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Please lend me your knowledge......looking for headphones

  1. TheDreamthinker
    Hi People,
    Until now I have been using the **** Sony MDR Ex35 ( the highs are terrible, they hurt). At the moment I'm using the Technics RP-FT30 (a bit metallic in the mids)
    I want to go for a real upgrade...
    If been searching for about 1 year now.
    I'm looking for portable headphones, my limit is about 100 Euro.
    I listen to:

    -Hip-Hop, Rap, Soul, R&B....etc. (Afroamerican music) -Mainly
    -Dance Hall
    -Alternative Rock
    -Instrumental (Guitar)
    -Elektro(mixed with other Genres)
    ......(pretty much everything exept Hard Rock, Heavy Metal....)
    The headphones should be:
    -detailed (very instrumental)
    -warm (alive)
    -big soundstage
    -bass (controlled but not weak)
    -Noise Cancelling/very good Noise Isolation( Plane, Bus, Train)
    -portable (stil is not very important)
    I thought about getting the Denon Ah-NC 732 (found them for 70 Euro) but the bass is too strong. I read that after a while, the bass eases down. I would appreciate more information or other options.
    Hope that it's not too complicated....
    Thanx everyone...[​IMG]
  2. TheDreamthinker
    Thanx! Are they really that cheap (only 40 Euro)?
  3. TheDreamthinker
    HALLLOOOO??? Please...folks

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