Pittsburgh HeadPhile Meet!

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  1. Evshrug
    Pgh Meets:

    CLICK HERE to Subscribe to the Event Calendar![/Size=5]

    Music To My Ears Expansion Celebration
    Friday 3/24 and Saturday 3/25
    CLICK for Event Post
    CLICK for more event info

    Old Meets:
    Yo gang!
    There is going to be a grand opening (reopening?) of Music To My Ears (where we held the meets) on Friday 10-8pm and Saturday 10-8pm. There will be food and drinks both nights from 5-8 and there will be raffles (no purchase necessary). There will also be 20% off on most products. I will probably be attending Friday. if I can get away from the misses then ill go Saturday as well :wink:. to recap...

    Music To My Ears Grand Opening
    This Friday 12/9 and Saturday 12/10 from 10am-8pm
    20% off most products in house
    Free Raffles being held
    Free food and drink 5-8pm
    http://www.musictomyear.com/ ​

    I would also like to treat this as a meet up as well for anyone that would like to come and demo gear that they haven't had a chance to. I know for a fact that I want to try the Watson tube amp again ha. for a class A amp dual mono for like $250 it has REALLY gotten my attention... Going to try it with my planars to see if it can keep up. anyways enough ranting- hope to see you there gang and bring your friends to hear some cool stuff


    Pgh Meet: Rogue Audio & Nordost Event
    Meet some industry heads, Win a prize!

    Just wanna put this up on the first post, Rogue Audio is premiering a new tube amp and Nordost is doing a little givaway for upgrade cables, also giving a nice discount on cables for purchase. The event is on November the 17th at Music To My Ears again, from 4pm to 8pm.


    "HeadPhile" First Meet
    Pittsburghers, Ohioans, West Virginians, and any head-fi'ers in the area... Can't make it to RMAF? Wanna hear the latest and greatest headphones and gear (and even some sweet speakers)? Just always wished there was a head-fi meet in the NorthEast?

    Come to the first HeadPhile meet!

    Craig (@MTMECraig) and myself (@EvShrug) have coordinated with local store Music To My Ear (a division of Northern Audio) to start making a semi-regular Head-Fi meet, which we're calling HeadPhile. Mark Mawhinney of Music To My Ears has graciously offered space in his store for two different meets. Craig & I are hoping to make friends, and hopefully make meets a somewhat regular thing!

    Meet 1, hosted by EvShrug and MTME:
    * October 7th & 8th, 12:30pm to 6pm each day

    Meet 2, hosted by Craig and MTME:
    * Oct 21st, 12:30pm to 6pm, and Oct 22nd, 12:30pm to 5pm

    Questions & Answers to your burning questions!

    Where is the meet happening?
    North shore of Pittsburgh, at the new location of Music To My Ear:
    3003 Babcock Blvd

    What Products/Brands are Music To My Ear a dealer for (and available to demo)?

    * Audeze
    * Aurlic
    * Beyerdynamic
    * Chord
    * Enigma Acoustics
    * Focal
    * Master & Dynamic
    * MrSpeakers
    * Nordost
    * Rega
    * Sennheiser
    * Sim Audio
    * Sony
    This list includes headphones and audio chain gear (CD sources, DACs, amps, cables).

    Can Head-Fi'ers bring our own stuff?
    Music To My Ear has several full setups, some songs on CD, LPs, and Craig & Evshrug will make an "Evaluation Playlist" of songs. So, you don't NEED to bring anything to get a great feel for the differences in gear, but you're welcome to bring your own gear. A couple of things to point out:
    * You can bring in your own equipment but you have to a 100% playable rig. Need to have all interconnects ect. He will provide the power only.
    * This way, we don't spend forever swapping cables
    * You can bring your own CDs, Mac computer sources, or optical output sources.
    * No food or drink allowed inside near all the expensive stuff, but there is a Sheetz next door!
    * Mark at Music To My Ear is letting us use the first floor (with a Long table and 6-8 chairs), but he will let us use some of the upstairs space if needed.

    Can't wait to meet everyone, and compare feelings about awesome hi-fi/Head-Fi gear!
  2. BunnyNamedCraig
    Hey guys and girls. Please feel free to post what day/days you can make it to the meet and also what gear you plan on bringing. This way it will be easier for us to coordinate for both events. Looking forward to meeting new headi'ers!
  3. Guidostrunk
    HOLY SCHIIT!:fearful:
    I had no idea that this place existed. I live like 25 minutes from there. All hail to the Yinzer, that opened this store! JUST WOW!

    Evshrug likes this.
  4. BunnyNamedCraig
    So I pretty much have had your same reaction when I first heard about it too ha. I feel ya! You truly are in for something special man. I hope you can make one of the meets
  5. Guidostrunk
    I'll definitely be at the 21&22 meet bro. Can't wait to meet people who love this schiit as much as I do. Lol.

    See you soon man.

  6. BunnyNamedCraig
    Word! Well you are about to... glad you can make it.
  7. BunnyNamedCraig
    also @Guidostrunk, Evshrug and I are trying to get a list of what (if any) gear or cans you are bringing to the meet. this way we can better accommodate the event. Feel free to post it here in the forum or PM me. Thanks
  8. Guidostrunk
    I have a modest rig. Amazing what deals you can get from others upgradetitus. Lol. I'd bring it if people were interested. It's fully balanced, so a balanced cable is needed. No SE adapters.

    Cans: HE560
    Dac: Theta Pro Prime-IIA
    Amp: Schiit Mjolnir 1
    USB bridge: Singxer X-1

    Usually I use a laptop for source. Foobar2000>Fidelizer Pro.

    Since the lappy is toast as of Sunday, I'm using my Android phone with UAPP>Tidal.

    That's about it my friend.

    I'm just eager to meet people who don't look at me like I'm nuts when I tell them that I have $900 headphones(new) :joy::joy::joy:

  9. Evshrug
    I have a Theta too... those rack-mount DACs are HUUUGE!
    Craig is busy on the earlier event, and I've probably got work on the 21/22, but we're hoping to do meets pretty regular. I look forward to meeting you eventually! Please spread the word if you find some other PGH head-fi'ers or know if there's a PGH group!
  10. Guidostrunk
    I'm always down for some local get togethers in the future. Creating a Yinzer crew would be the shizzle.

    Yeah , I said shizzle :joy::joy::joy:
  11. Bullpride
    I will be in town from Morgantown on Friday and will try to stop by.

    I have a modded set of x00s (detachable balanced cable)
    Fiio X3 player
    Fiio e17
  12. BunnyNamedCraig
    Fantastic! Glad you can make it.
  13. Evshrug

    Awesome man! You really should hear that Fostex on an amp more powerful than those FiiOs (I feel like you have, because the balanced cable), and I'd love a chance to hear the TH-X00. Hope you can make it, a bit more out of your way but the gear here is choice!
  14. Bullpride
    Unfortunately i have not been able to really take advantage of the balanced cable.  I did get to listen to the X00s at Music to My Ear yesterday for a while, along with all the amazing headphones he has in stock.
    I look forward to tomorrow. Do you know what time people will be there? I will likely be there later in the day if I can make it.
  15. uhhmike
    By any chance, is anyone who is going to this show going to bring the AudioZenith PMx2 headphone? I've been dying to hear this can. Thanks in advance. 
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