Pittsburgh HeadPhile Meet!

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  1. MTMECraig
    Hey Guys!

    There is a going to be a MEET happening on JULY 22 AT MTME

    I joined forces with @Netherwind to try and make this the biggest meet that we have had so far.

    We currently have people coming from D.C. and Cleveland for this. I want people to come as far from Spain lol :wink:

    Here is the link to the page that he posted talking about the meet....


    Feel free to ask questions about the meet here, if it deals with MTME, how to get here ect... He is taking numbers on who is coming and what they are bringing on the other thread.

    We will be having vendors come to the meet as well to spice things up. Definitely check out the page that Netherwind made since it explains more details.

  2. MTMECraig
    Yo fellow Pittsburghers and anyone cool enough to read our thread ha-

    The Chord DAVE is visiting the store for the next 3 weeks. Come by and experience it!
    :wink: :wink: :wink:
  3. MTMECraig
    Yo Pittsburghers/Yinzers a like-

    Dan Clark (the owner of Mr. Speakers) is coming to MTME tomorrow SAT DEC 2 from 2-4pm. Dan is coming in to have an impromptu convo with customers. He did this last year and was really cool. Come by and say hi! :L3000::gs1000smile::L3000:

    ALSO (and I almost forgot) I'll be throwing another Pittsburgh headphile meet here when the weather gets warmer. I didn't want anyone to risk driving in poor weather so I figured I would hold off till after the holidays. I'll post on here whenever I plan the day/days.
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