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Phone to go with ICON HDP

  1. El98
    I currently hook up my PC to an ICON HDP, which act as DAC and amp to drive a pair of Audioengine 2. I also occasionally plug Shure 535 in to listen to music when my wife is asleep (my computer is in the sleeping room)

    I am thinking of buying a pair of full size can, as I find on ear more comfortable than in ear, and also hopefully, the full can will sound better than my Audioengine 2,which is a rather entry level speaker.

    I spot a 2nd hand HD800 which sells for $600 and it seems a good deal. However, I heard that the phone is very unforgiving, and it demand good source and good amp to go with it. As I am only using an ICON HDP and listen to music mostly on Spotify, would HD800 be a poor choice?

    How about Beyerdyanmic T1, Grado GS100e or Ultrasone Edition 8 Romeo,? Which would be more forgiveing toward a 320k MP3 source from Spotify?

    Any suggestion on other phones which I should consider? I am looking for a used one and my budget is below $800.

    I mostly listen to pop music like Ed Sheeran, Matt Johnson, Jamie Lawson, and I also like music form Secret Garden, Michael Hoppe.

    Thank you very much for your help.
    Last edited: May 14, 2017
  2. ProtegeManiac Contributor
    The HD800 and to a lesser extent the T1 are poor choices for listening with a sleeping wife in the room.
  3. El98
    True, that will be the time I pull out my Shure 535 : )
  4. ProtegeManiac Contributor
    I still wouldn't get those with the HDP though. I tried my HD600 on it and there was some problem with the low end. It wasn't boomy in the sense of flabby, but it was stronger but ends up in what sounds like the beginning of overexcursion on the drivers. Not sure what it was, but I'd put high impedance cans at the bottom of the list.

    Id try the HE400S with the HDP, but I'd get the Focus pads for those.

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