Philadelphia Area Meet-Up Jan 28th 2018 - NO football that weekend

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  1. mbyrnes
    I put this link in an AVSforum thread. Invited one of their full time employees, Imagic, who does a lot of their reviews. He lives in Philadelphia. Hopefully he can make it, along with anyone else who is local. Let's make this as good as any of the other headphone meets!
  2. kazsud
    I’ll be there with..

    Schiit Yggdrasil
    Audio Guild Electro Magnetic Amplifier C 535SE
    HD800 S

    Not sure what I’ll bring as a source.
  3. doctorjazz
    There is WiFi there, if I remember correctly. That makes source easier.
  4. eddiek997
    I'm In - Lee thanks for hosting again!

    McIntosh MHA150 driving HE1000v2
    Mojo driving Aeon Closed
    Iphone bluetooth to B&O H6 Wireless
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  5. Packgrog
    Of course I'm in! *IF* there is any interest, I can bring in my iBasso D14 and modded Denon AH-D2000. As previously, I'd mostly be there to just help out.
  6. Viz Flux
    I would like to throw my name in the hat
    Headphones: HE-1000 v2, LCD-4, Focal Utopia, ZMF Camphor Eikon
    Amps: Schiit Valhalla 2, Mjolnir 2, and Ragnarok
    DACs: Hugo 2, Schiit Gungnir MB and Yggdrasil
  7. leesure
    WOW! This is already shaping up to be an awesome meet!
  8. erichusucks
    I'm in

    Modded Fostex th900
    RSA The Predator
    ibasso dx90

  9. erichusucks
    BTW whats the closest train station again (0△0)
  10. leesure
    The North Wales station on the SEPTA Doylestown Line. It's a block from the studio.
  11. gman292
    I just received my Questyle CMA400i. So I’ll bring that as well.
  12. Dazedy
    Oh cool, a meet I can attend! I'll bring my He400 and a dying FiiO E10. Maybe I'll have something new by the time it rolls around.
    Just bought an iFi micro iDSD Black Label.
    I'll bring that and a NAD Viso HP50 along as well.
    --edit 2--
    I'm bad. Bought an hd6XX to try out which will arrive before the meet. I'll bring that as well.
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  13. ribosradagast
    I think I will be able to make it to this. If so I'll bring an Oppo HA-2, Oppo PM3, Focal Elear, AKG K240, Periodic Audio Be

    And maybe a laptop / WA7 2nd gen combo, but that's a bit of a stretch portability-wise.

    Edit: Also Lee I'll bring $10 or something to cover food and location / setup / hassle costs. Thanks for hosting, man
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  14. doctorjazz
    I'd be happy to contribute as well.
  15. Peter K
    Definitely clearing time in my calendar for this. Goodies listed below:

    DAC: Bifrost multibit
    Amp: Jotunheim
    Source: Fiio X7 MkII
    Headphones: th-x00 ebony, LCDi4 (hopefully), and some cheaper stuff

    ...and maybe more? See you all there!
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