Philadelphia Area Meet-Up Jan 28th 2018 - NO football that weekend

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  1. mbyrnes
    Lee, please take donations for food. I think most would definitely throw in. I missed out on food last year. You also shouldn't have to put out all your own money. Hopefully you pay nothing, as the venue is enough already. I'll throw in a nice chunk of change to prevent you from buying yourself.
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  2. mbyrnes
    Lee have you thought of contacting Schiit? I'm almost positive they have a meet box that has a bunch of their gear. I don't think it cost anything. Could be cool, and maybe Schiit will make it fun for your trouble.
  3. doctorjazz
    I'd be happy to chip in. The Schitt idea is good, love to check out a Yggy!
  4. Bruce Asam
    I'd love to drop by and meet everyone. Unfortunately it is the same day as my audio club even but I'll make it work.

  5. talan7
    I'll come,

    I'll bring my iFi stack, mojo, Elears, Sony Z7s, black label, LG v10, v20, X7 gen 2, Vorzuge Vorzamp Duo, Dacamp L1, CLA Ceramic, other iems, Telefunken Aqusta.
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  6. talan7
    I guess you guys don’t have an auction to offset the room and food.
  7. King CATalyst
    This will be my first meet and I hope I will make it, bringing.

    Questyle cma600i
    Sennheiser hd800s
    Aeon flow open
    Lcd3f (if I still own them)
    Zmf atticus
    Crossfade 2 wireless

    Edit:just gonna bring aeon flow open and crossfade 2 wireless.
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  8. King CATalyst
    Quick ? Though do we need to bring our own laptops to hook up? Bc I have all of my stuff hooked up to a desktop and my laptop is kinda janky.
  9. eddiek997
    It's best to bring your own source. Dont need the whole collection. Lots of people bring iPads as source purely for convenience.
  10. eddiek997
    I have a beautiful Auralic Taurus MKII amp for sale. I can bring it with me if anyone is interested in buying it. ($850)

    Lee, please feel free to delete this post if it oversteps boundaries..
  11. doctorjazz
    Some meets I've been to do have people bring stuff they want to sell ( sold an amp at one of these). Don't know if there is a policy for the Philly meet, though...
  12. shuto77
    I'm planning on coming. Thanks to @leesure for putting this together!

    @leesure, is there a policy on gear-swapping? I saw someone asked earlier, and I was curious too. I'm in the market for a DAC.

    I'm bringing:
    * Aeon Flow Open
    * Aeon Flow Closed
    * Schiit Jotunheim (amp only)
    * Schiit Fulla 2 (probably)
    * Sennheiser HD6xx

    *Tidal through Google Chromecast Audio (via optical) <-- A Google Chromecast Audio is a good, cheap solution for Android users that doesn't totally mangle SQ
    *Tidal through Windows laptop via USB
  13. Mullet
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  14. Dimitris
    This looks to be a convenient drive from NJ. I hope I can join if family allows.
    I can bring an Esoteric D70, Apex HiFi Arete and Audeze LCD-X.
  15. gandhisfist
    Probably only bringing a few things to this meet. Planning on just bringing my dac1541 all in one and a few headphones, not decided which yet, Eikon and maybe a few others.
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