Philadelphia Are Meet 10/26 LeeSure Extravaganza
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  I was  using the EML 300B ,Tungsol 6F8G flat plate Black glass drivers  and and a pair of USAF 596 rectifiers. Thats the same tube setup i will use at the NY meet this weekend.

Frank your amp looks so good in those pics!!
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Well, I am now the proud owner of a pair of D7000's, thanks to this meet.

Congrats!  And sorry for your wallet!
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Looking good Collin! 
Time to update your signature line! 
How do they sound and what did you decide to drive them with?  Still the M-Stage?

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  Looking good Collin! 
Time to update your signature line! 
How do they sound and what did you decide to drive them with?  Still the M-Stage?

Thanks! And thanks for the reminder, my sig has been updated!
I'm powering them both with my M-Stage and my vintage amp. The M-Stage is a bit thick and dark, and the vintage amp, while faster, has too much heat in the upper treble (especially cymbals). I'll soon be making a 1/4" to speaker tap converter and trying them out with my XPA-200. If I like how it sounds I may go with an Emotiva Mini-X considering how affordable they are and how many people seem to be very happy with them powering orthos.
Interestingly enough, I don't seem to be having the volume issues I was having with your Rev 1's for some reason. With your LCD-2's and my M-Stage, I needed to crank it to about max to get to a listening volume. However, with mine listening volume is at about 11:00. There must have been something funky going on with my setup at your place.
As for sound, the first 1000Hz is crazy flat. Because the D7000's had a bit of a hump in the sub bass, I'm noticing less sub bass than I'm used to, but I'll get used to the new signature in another week or two and the Denons will be the ones that are too bass heavy. I'm also willing to bet that when I give them more power, the bass will get stronger and tighter. The recessed upper mids surprisingly don't really bother me as much as I expected, and the highs jump back up to almost flat from 10-20k which gives cymbals a lot of sizzle. It'll take some getting used to, but I could see myself liking it. More details, faster, far less bloat, slightly better soundstage, more cohesive sound. The sound isn't quite as tactile as I would like (I listen to a lot of very textured music and like to feel some of that texture in the bass and mids), but it also seems like something that would be fixed with more powerful amplification. Also, they are still a bit shouty in the upper mids sometimes, but not as much as the Rev 1's.
Comfort is shaky, but not as bad as I expected. I'm coming from one of the most comfortable headphones out there (especially with the headband mod I did, it's easily up there with the HD800 and ESP-950 in comfort), but the Audeze is still wearable for hours. The pads are super soft (same as the LCD-X), the headband isn't as comfortable as your Rev 1's, but I stuck that HD650 pad on them and it's *much* better now. The clamp is getting better as well. The weight isn't a huge issue, I haven't run into neck issues yet.
I'm the kind of person that grows to like his gear over time (which is why the LCD-X shocked me so much, since it was love at first listen), I'll have a much better idea in a couple weeks and after I power them properly (my most powerful headphone amp is half the minimum power Audeze recommends).

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