Panasonic RP-HTX7.... I am totally amazed.
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The HTX7 present similiar detail as my Shure E500 (ok, maybe just a bit less). Is a bit sibilant at times. Mids is ok. Bass amount is decent, thought maybe a bit uncontrolled at time. Overall they're enjoyable and very good for their price. (I got the HTX7 plus a mini camera tripod for about $37 shipped at with google check out discount).

Yes, I did think in detail and accuracy regard the HTX7 are similar to akg K501. Very similar personality and characteristic in general. At times, the Panies are bit sterile and dry too. Strange enough they're not cold sounding at all due to the little warm bass exageration. I don't think they're as bright as the grado though. As the tempo and sonic presentation, they're not as forward sounding nor in-your-face attack like the k81dj, but regardless they're on the fun side of this equation.

Finally getting the Panasonic RP-HTX7...after 60+ hours burn in they're worthy headphones to be mentioned. Especially at $32 these panies proved to be another KEEPER for me.

I just LOVE good cheap headphones. The HTX7 could be another bargain headphones out there for sure.

Personally I really like the retro look, build quality and material finish on these HTX7. Also the comfort is better for me since I have big eye glasses frame. Before the k81 (supraural) used to sit on my ears pressing toward the frame. Now the HTX7 (circumaural) sits around my ears thus no pressure. Only gripe I have with the HTX7 are the sweaty ears due to the oval pleather cushion covering my ears. Well this only happens after hours of listening. Soon I'll post some detailed pix of the HTX7. However, I think k81 build quality is far more durable and sturdy for sure. Its rubber coat paint on k81 make them scratch-proof and grippy tactile.

The HTX7 headband has perforated pleather metal band which houses two thin metal arm frames. The glossy plastic finish on the cups look like expensive lacquer finish. Also the machined metal parts gives the killer pilot look. I would say the size of the cups are about the Sony eggo series, very compact in its elliptical shape.

The k81 is definately far more portable. The HTX7 are small and compact, but the aforementioned metal rail arms don't fold nor swivel nor rotate to make it portable. Before I forget, they don't come with a nice headphone pouch bag. So as the portability is concerned, the k81 shines in every regard.
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Mmmm... Maybe these could be the closed cans I've been looking for...

I was looking for something closed to use instead of my MS1's, when people are being noisy. They also must be comfortable.

Maybe these could be ok? How do these compare to the HD215 or the EH250 for Sq?
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Got a white one today. My first impression, the cups are bigger than my d22 but much smaller than my pro5, which is good because it fits my ears prefectly and still somewhat portable enough. I think this will be very comfortable.
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Would you say these are worth getting over ATH-SJ5? How is the isolation of AT's?
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looks like it has kind of a Sony Smile going on in that chart... Don't know whether that dip is a huge stumbling point. It looks like the very highs and very lows have peaks at around the same volume. Maybe it will just be kinda punchy that way....

I'm still really considering getting one of these...
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Ok, so I'm looking through his review pages, and though I'm not up for trying my hand at some real translation today, I'll give you guys a quick guide. It looks like this reviewer has a 5point rating system that he uses for a few qualities:

評点 (ratings):
音質 (sound quality), 装着感 (I'm not 100% sure, but the characters mean attachment and feel... might mean comfort, but could also mean ease of setup?), 遮音性 (isolation, I think), 音漏れ (sound leakage), デザイン (design), 携帯性 (portability), 音の傾向 (general sound) with 均 being balanced, 低 being bass, and 高 treble, though I'm not quite sure what his notation means when he has one character and then others in parenthesis.. Probably 'this with (emphasis on this'). Last field is just the price.

My Japanese is very sucky. Maybe one of our Japanese members might pop up later and enlighten us later ...
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In that case, the numeral sound quality aspect of this headphone, according to that reviewer, seems pretty poor.

I intend on getting a pair, so I seriously hope it isn't as bad as that 2.5 suggests. Any idea what sort of reasoning s/he uses to substantiate that value?
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By the way, I used to post here under my actual name, but I'm using a handle from now on - just an FYI in case you think I'm just here for a sec

I'm a can-addict.
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Originally Posted by rypin /img/forum/go_quote.gif
just get it at using google checkout and save 10 dollars makign shiping basicly free so you end up only paying around 35 bucks tops

problem is that they don't have it at anymore apparently.

nevermind... they had letter for color denotation added to the model number which is why i couldn't find it

edit: no whites or baby poop green available at
edit: nevermind again... still in stock

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