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Panasonic RP-HD10 - A Serious Contender?

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  1. GREQ
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  2. bobbypete
    i was comparing these to my ws1100is.

    im not an expert.

    ws1100is has more bass. sounds like ws1100is sounds clearer.

    i think rphd10s could be great if you dont care about bass, because from what i gather they seem to be durable. they are lighter than my ws1100is. the speaker looks cooler on panasonic.
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  3. GREQ
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  4. MarcoGV
  5. lapzoo
    I don't know what was going through my head when writing my previous post in German instead of English. Sorry, lol!

    I was saying that I bought the HD10, and I love it so far! I'm a newbie to all this HiFi stuff, so I'm asking if there are easy ways for me to make the sound even better, like tweaking the equalizer on my devices on which I use the headphones.
  6. GREQ
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  7. lapzoo
    Thank you. How does an ideal graph look like? Just flat and I adjust the eq setting so that it becomes that?
  8. GREQ
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  9. Silvian
    Hi guys, I haven't contributed to this thread in a long time but these Panasonic headphones remain one of my favorites.
    What I'd like to suggest to you is to try a smart EQ. What I mean by smart is something which does some of the work for you. If, for example, you own a Samsung Galaxy phone, they have in the Sound menu what's called Adapt Sound. I have an S6 and I don't know what other models have it, or if they put in in other series, or if they changed the name in the meantime. I also have a Samsung tablet, Tab 2 I think, and that has it as well. What it does is play some tones, I think it is a 10 band EQ, and asks you when is the threshold of your hearing. It does it for both ears, independently - you may be surprised to find that your ears are different. To me, the improvements are quite radical. I tried to educate myself, my hearing, a bit more and, for example, to hear the shoutiness some hear with these headphones and now I do. My own pads and the fact that I can play with them helped with these exercises. But, after applying the EQ the shoutiness is gone and everything comes so much more into the picture. Of course the phone does not have the best amplification, and unfortunately the EQ settings are only available on the headphone output, and not digitally. Also, only testing your hearing at that low level limit is really just a beginning, but it is a very, very good start.
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  10. pholcus1975
    I use them at home, mainly hard rock, hair rock, heavy metal.
    Here are my eq settings with Cowon PM2. I lifted midrange. 20181107_154216_1.jpg 20181107_154037_1.jpg 20181107_154128_1.jpg
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  11. GREQ
    You must REALLY like mids... 0__0
  12. pholcus1975
    Well I like snare drum to be as much as "live" as it can be,and crispy cymbals.

    I tend to like flat-neutral gear, I have Hifiman re600s and Soundmagic e80 iems, and also Sony 7506 monitor headphone.
    If you leave hd10 without eq, you have a V shaped hp, missing all the vibrations and ringings of snare. Vocals are recessed also.
    To me this hd10 has a fabulous driver, but it's tuned to Japanese taste (v shaped with shining highs). If I had the skills, I'd like to self construct shells for these drivers!
  13. GREQ
    Your impression goes completely against my experience and measurements. I wonder if your ears naturally hear more bass and treble? **scratches beard**

    I wish these drivers weren't glued into the baffles... would make a transplant so much easier D:
  14. pholcus1975
    Don't you find mids are recessed?

    I had this graph: 8871899.jpg
  15. GREQ
    Scroll up for my graph.
    I measured my HD10 on my miniDSP EARS.
    (grey line = stock, red/blue = modified)
    The 'hump' between 600hz and 4kHz just makes the mids really shouty/nasal to my ears.
    If I EQ that 'flat', it's basically perfect.
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