Panasonic RP-DJS400, Sennheiser HD 439, and Phillips Stretch
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Mar 20, 2014
I already have Panasonic RP-DJS400 and wants to buy a new headphone to get better sound quality.
I was interested with Sennheiser HD 439 as many users said that it has a good sound quality (with "punchy" bass).
As I don't know how good the sound quality of HD 439, so I want to know if it was far more better compared with my current headphone (RP-DJS400).
My friend has a Philips Stretch, and I think the sound quality of that headphone is better than RP-DJS400.
So, I want to have some opinions, regarding my choice to buy HD 439. Is it worth it or not?
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the phillips stretch can be a bit heavy on bass and muddy mids. i have a pair i have modified.

if you can get them for very cheap they are a decent buy, otherwise full price for them is really not worth it. also a few mods would be in arrange but nothing too over the top.
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I have HD 439's, and like them alot. It all depends on how much they are going for though. Amazon has them for 62 bucks right now, and for that price, they're extremely nice cans. If you are looking for bass specifically, you may not be interested, as while the bass is very high quality for the price, the quantity high. Of course, this means it works well with eq. In any case, they will be much better than your current panasonics. If your looking for at home use (not portable) or portable but just don't care about looks (they're pretty big), you can get some very nice cans around $40 with superlux hd 681, 681 evo, or 668b
TLDR: if $62 is comfortably within your price range, absolutely grab these. If that's too high, or if the price goes back up, consider other options.

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