Optical cable sweet spot?
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Aug 3, 2012
I have read a couple of different posts on other forums regarding the length of an optical cable. It was in reference to a home theater setup, so I wanted to bring it here to see if it's orif it applies the same. I read that optical cables have a length sweet spot for quality between 7'-15'. Reason stated was over 15' can have signal strength issues, and under 7' can have issues with reflectivity within the cable. Any input on this is welcome.

I have a Bifrost due by Friday or Monday, so I'm trying to decide on a length to order from Monoprice. Also, will there be any difference in quality in running an optical cable through a mini adapter vs a cable that terminates in mini?
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My adapter never worked properly- I would get a mini terminated one. Get the cheapest one you can- it's digital just a series of 0s and 1s, get the length you need don't spend too much and try not to get bogged down with pseudo science, it'll be fine. If not, return it.
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As long as the adapter fits you'll be alright. I've noticed some adapters don't fit tightly and fall out easily. Others lock in securely.
I've run S/PDIF optical over Toslink from 3' to 25' with no issues at all. You'll know if it doesn't work, the sound will be static and sometimes just stop all together. If you hear clear sound you're getting a perfect signal.

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