One for you cable fans!
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Jan 22, 2009

Special One Drop Liquid.

P.W.B. Special One Drop Liquid possesses a most extraordinary property. The human senses, in common with the requirements of all living material including trees and all other green plants, have evolved the requirements for forward facing light energy.

Light, in common with most energies within Nature, readily forms an inverse pattern of itself when encountering an obstacle. Light is particularly modified when encountering a transparent obstacle. The human senses will not function correctly when confronted with an energy pattern which faces away from the senses.

The daily dietary requirement of salt and sugar is the chemical requirement that the body requires to manipulate the energy patterns absorbed by our bodies. To demonstrate the inverse pattern formation on objects which fill the modern environment, simply place salt on one face and sugar on another face of the object. Stimulate your sense of hearing by listening to music, then remove the salt and sugar. The effect on the senses is usually quite profound. The effect is particularly noticeable if the faces of a NON playing Compact Disc or vinyl record is manipulated by placing salt (in a small bag) on one face and sugar (in a small bag) on the other face.

All green plant material has it's own variation of salt and sugar in order for it to correctly manipulate sunlight. If a small bag containing sugar is attached to the upper surface of a leaf within your listening territory, including the garden, a noticeable beneficial effect will take place with your sense of hearing. A small bag containing salt can be attached to the underside of the leaf with the same beneficial effect.

P.W.B. Special One Drop Liquid can replace, with an increased effect, salt and sugar applied to the faces of an object, including to the faces of green plant life. The Special One Drop Liquid admits only forward facing light energy.

All Compact Discs should have a drop of the Special One Drop Liquid applied to both sides and spread across the surface using a finger tip. The surface can be dried with a cloth or a paper tissue. Vinyl records should have a drop of the Liquid applied to the particular area on the record which has the run off groove on both sides of the disc. The outside faces of the disc sleeve or disc housing should also be treated.

To ascertain the effect of the One Drop Liquid on any object, it is only necessary to initially stand the small bottle containing the Liquid on the face of the object. ALL transparent material within a listening room, including glass windows, clock faces, wrist watch faces, TV screens, the lenses of eye glasses etc. and display windows on equipment should all be treated. It is only necessary to apply one drop of the Liquid to the corner of a glass window for the beneficial effect to be heard.

The One Drop Liquid is particularly effective if applied to the rear of a photograph and to the glass face of a photographic frame. Artificial light, in the form of electrical light bulbs, has a particularly detrimental effect upon the sense of hearing and the glass of an electric light bulb should be treated.

The P.W.B. Special One Drop Liquid can be applied over all previously applied P.W.B. Foils


The P.W.B. Special One Drop Liquid is supplied in a small 15ml bottle which is capable of applying the Liquid in single drop quantities.



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Special One Drop Liquid
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What...???!!!? I was lost in "P."
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Before you apply your P.W.B. Special One Drop Liquid, I strongly suggest you paint your CD green to gain maximum synergy with the life energies. More info here:

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I think this belongs in the "Team Snake Oil" Discussion board
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I don't get this. Is this an actual product, or is this supposed to be a joke? Is the reference to "cable fans" an attempt to insult people who think some cables sound different by suggesting they are idiots? If the latter, is this really necessary?
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Phil: the skeptic sees very little difference between Miracle Drops and cables.
They both claim to enhance sound despite the lack of any data to support how or why they enhance sound and despite the fact that when the people who claim to hear a difference attempt to prove it by passing simple tests they fail.
I am certain the good people at PWB would be dismayed that you don't "trust their ears".
I agree that insults are unnecessary, however.
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Originally Posted by Real Man of Genius /img/forum/go_quote.gif
Phil: the skeptic sees very little difference between Miracle Drops and cables.

That says something about the intelligence and discernment of those skeptics. And I don't think all skeptics are so narrow-minded, or believe that the view that some cables sound different is equivalent to believing in aliens.

Folks, let's try to respect everybody's point of view.
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If one believes that cables make absolutely no difference, and that Miracle Drops or Magic Stones, or whatever, make no difference, then in some sense, once could say that cables = Miracle Drops.

But that is not what is intended by most people who would advance the proposition; rather, what is intended is an insult directed at the person who "believes" in cables is intended.

Furthermore, there are some folks who believe all CD players sound the same. Moreover, I'm not sure that there is a whole lot of conclusive scientific "proof" that CD players sound different. Does that mean CD players = Miracle Drops? Would you say to someone who believes their new CD player sounds better than their own CD player that they should try Miracle Drops, because they can be deemed equivalent in terms of their likely effect on sound? Should one really equate belief in CD players sounding different with a belief in Miracle Drops?

In addition, in contrast to what I understand the case to be with respect to Miracle Drops, (1) thousands of reasonably intelligent people claim to have heard a difference in some cables, and (2) there are at least some reasonable explanations or theories as to why cables might sound different.

In short, it's just not a reasonable (indeed, it is a highly misleading) proposition to say cables are equivalent to Miracle Drops.
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What are those "reasonable explanations or theories"?
Also - the fact that some people that don't believe in cables also believe/don't believe X is a logical fallacy as is your "thousands of reasonable people" argument.
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Originally Posted by Real Man of Genius /img/forum/go_quote.gif
We are talking about the application of a substance that some (including a Doctor) claim enhances sound.
How is this different than cables?

Did I stutter?

You clearly want to argue for the sake of argument. Good bye.
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I think the point that this thread illustrates (other than humor) is this:
You see the Miracle Drops and such as snake-oil nonsense.
I see cables as snake-oil nonsense (albeit to a lesser degree).

Your regard for the validity of Miracle Drops (and it's adherents by implication) may be somewhat equivalent to my regard for the validity of cables.

I realize that there is an insulting air of superiority in this that I would also take offense to. Not sure what to do about that other than say sorry you feel that way. My belief that you are gullible concerning cables is not a judgment or an indictment of your overall intelligence on my part.
On the other hand, the usual response of tin-eared lousy system.... is equally arrogant so I guess that's why these things get so heated.

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