Jan 19, 2009
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Web and Data Junkie for MS Products

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    Web and Data Junkie for MS Products
    Head-fi. Online Startegy Gaming, books, Photography, Web Surfing and more books
    DSLR Photography and Online-Strategy Games
    Headphone Inventory:
    Cans: HD800, Grado HF2, AT-ESW10, JVC RX900, Sony MDR-CD900st
    IEM: Future Sonic Atrio M5, Bijou 3, HR1, IE8, Livewires Custom Dual Driver

    Owned: D-jays, Q-Jays, Creative EP-630, Alessandro MS1, Grado 325, Ultrasone Proline 750, HD650 Valgrind Woody Cups and Cable, AT-W1000, UE TF10 pro, Grado RS1
    Headphone Amp Inventory:
    Desktop: RSA Apache Rev C
    Portable: Fioo E5, RSA SR71A
    Owned: .22, Fioo E3, Little Country 3, Crossroads Edge Amp, RSA Predator, Yamamoto HA-02
    Source Inventory:
    RWA IMOD 80GB, IPOD Classic 120GB
    Lenovo Y410 notebook + Cambridge Audio DacMagic
    Cambridge Audio 340c CDP

    Owned: Creative Zen 4GB/Zen V 4GB, Zero DAC with SUN HDAM DAC/ LT1364 OPAMP AMP, IPOD Video 5.5g 30GB
    Cable Inventory:
    Nordost: Blue Heaven RCA, Baldur XLR & Frey XLR, Valgrind Cables, LOD, Mini to Mini, RCA, Blacksand Violet Z1 & Z2; Silver Reference MK IV and MKV, Audio Agile Power Cable, Cardas Golden Cross XLR
    Power-Related Components:
    Xindak 1000F - Power conditioner/distributor
    Oyaide MTB-6 w/ R1
    Furutech Fuse
    Oyaide, Wattgate and Furutech plugs
    Other Audio Equipment:
    Valgrind Sonic Caps, Creative X-Mod, ESI nEar05 active speakers, Go Vibe DAC, Valgrind Irukandji
    Audio-Related Tweaks:
    Acoustic Revive: Ground Conditioner RGC34, QR8, RR-77, RD3, DBP3
    Taoc: 25MF, SBL-13MT

    Owned: Taoc 35S
    Music Preferences:
    R&B, Hip-hop, Alternative, Rock, POP and some 80's and 90's
    Samsung i780, Canon 450D, Lenovo Y410, Sony PSP
    I just started my Audi Journey for less than a year now. Enjoying everybit of it.


    Portable: Ipod Classic 120GB | IE8/ Livewires Custom Dual Driver/ ESW10/ PortaPro 25th Anniv LE

    Home: (Sager NP8690 + DacMagic)/Blue note Koala CDP | RSA Apache Rev C | HD800/Ultrasone ED9 | nEar 05 =)

    Feedback:Head-Fi, eBay
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