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Okey.. I'm stuck... Sennheiser 598/Grado sr 80i/Shure 840

Discussion in 'Headphones (full-size)' started by eontenkei, May 6, 2013.
  1. EonTenkei
    Hi all,
    Im new in here and I need some help figuring out what headphones i should buy..
    Here it goes..
    I mainly listen to prog rock, metal, some classic, and a little bit of everything.  My favourite bands: Ayreon, Tool, Porcupine tree, opeth, SOAD, Nirvana, alice in chains and so forth...(Most of my music is in .FLAC.
    im going to use it indoors, but may listen to it in public..

    so far i have come to these headphones:

    Sennheiser 598
    Grado sr 80i
    Shure 840
    my price ranges from 0 - 200$(but may increase to 250$)
    what headphone will give the best instrumenal(be able to hear complex instrumental composition clearly), vocal, bass and range of sound.
    (just a little side question):
    If I buy an amp to the headphones, how will it connect? Headphones -> amp -> phone/ipod/sterio?
    PS. gonna buy them today!
    thanks :)
  2. laon
    HD598 and Grado are open back headphone so you might think twice using them in public, and I do think that Shure 840 beat them both in SQ (though it's really all about love-hate with the grado).
  3. EonTenkei
    Yes, I suppose that's true. Altough I won't be using them that often in public.

  4. MohawkUS
    Depends what you're looking for. The Grados may disapoint if you like the soundscapes and ambiance of those bands; while the Senn will disappoint if you don't want a warm and mellow sound. These headphones are really two polar opposites. I haven't heard the Shures. Have you thought about a pair of Beyerdynamic 880/990s? I haven't heard those models but I am listening to the T90 now and I think it offers a good balance between Grado and Senn.(Doesn't quite have the Grado drive, nor the Senn soundstage) but is better overall.
  5. cel4145
    The SR255i would be the more comparable phone in class to the HD598. I find that the SR225i do amazing things for guitar in all kinds of rock such that they are my top choice for that genre. It's in part due to the great transient response and imaging.

    But these two headphones have such different sound signatures, you will have to listen to both to be able to make a good decision. Personal preference will make such a difference here. If you can afford to, buy both with good return policies and let them break in for a couple of days. Then make your decision. Just keep all the packing and the headphones in mint condition. For example, Amazon or fulfilled by Amazon (but not 3rd party vendors that ship their own product) is very easy to do an RMA.

    The SR225i do run very well off portable devices. You might find that you don't need an amp.
  6. cel4145
    Oh. And if by chance you would like a good portable phone, the Beyerdynamic DT1850 is very nice. Although I still prefer my Grados :)

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