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Ok, here we go again: Beyer T1 impressions and pictures list.

Discussion in 'Currawong' started by currawong, Sep 4, 2009.
  1. Currawong Contributor
    As usual, I'm providing two links, one to the post in the thread, and one to the individual post page. This thread will be updated as I come across others. Please PM me if I miss any, such as in other threads to the main one. [​IMG]

    I've also bolded key words and model names to make it easy to quickly scan through and see if there is discussion on anything you're interested in.

    m00hk00h was first, with a trip to the IFA. 1st: Thread | Post
    2nd listen and DT880 comparison: Thread | Post
    m00hk00h's pictures: Thread | Post
    My thoughts: He said that angled drivers in headphones for him produce a smaller soundstage, before anyone gets the idea that his thoughts are conclusive. [​IMG]

    December 16, 2009 Update:
    People are now receiving them and posting pictures and impressions.

    Jerry_Banana received his and posted good pictures: Thread | Post

    Originally Posted by Jerry_Banana /img/forum/go_quote.gif
    I have listen to T1 for 3hrs only last night,
    so here comes with a very very brief review:

    1. The sound of T1 is basically tonally balanced and natural, while a little bit towards to the warm side.
    2. The sound stage is larger than the ED8/ED9 while smaller than HD800.
    3. The sound is dynamic, but still not suit for rock/metal music (The sound is not attack and passion enough)
    4. The mid is clear but not harsh, very analytical.
    5. May be due to lack of run-in, there is lack of high and low extension, details have also been lost.
    6. Benefit from its angled driver, you can feel the sound comes from the front side better than ED8/ED9/HD800

    jude has now posted pics: Post | Thread | Flikr
    Skylab has received his pair and has posted some first impressions. Thread | Post and 100 hour impressions: Thread | Post
    On the bass: Post | Thread and:

    Originally Posted by Skylab /img/forum/go_quote.gif
    The T1 is, IMO, light years ahead of the DT880 05. I have 2 pairs of 880's, one balanced and one unbalanced - both 600 ohm, which I feel are better than the 250 ohm 880's. The T1 absolutely slaughters the 880's, as good as they are. It is SO much more neutral, open, and transparent, and also less aggressive, while still having better detail.

    The T1 is most definitely not an "improved DT880". It sounds quite different, and is a thing unto its own.

    A couple of posts later, he recommends tube amps for the voltage swing with them.

    I'll let these posts from JaZZ and odigg on page 61 explain themselves, but the gist of it is that the HD-800s have treble peaks around 5-7kHz and the T1 at 8kHz:

    Originally Posted by JaZZ /img/forum/go_quote.gif
    «Stereoplay» has measured the T1 in its 1/2010 issue:


    For reference, the Denon D7000 from the same «Stereoplay» issue:



    Originally Posted by odigg /img/forum/go_quote.gif
    Jazz I could hug you - in a manly muscles from Brussels sort of way [​IMG]

    If you don't mind, I've linked to the Stereoplay HD800 graph you provided in the HD800 thread


    The T1 Graph (Again)


    I've either done the analysis properly or I haven't. Either way, I'll let others interpret the graph [​IMG]

    achristilaw is just about spewing forth impressions as fast as he can post, so you might want to read the discussion from at least the posts with the graphs. I've lost track of his first impressions post, but I'll just link the bigger ones here, in one spot:
    His thoughts on the T1 being similar to the Grado HP-2/HP-1000 (no longer made): Post | Thread and the JH-13 (yes, someone asked!): Post | Thread

    Recabling discussion starts from page 64 or so and is rather over-the-top.

    Edwood had a listen at CES. Thread | Post

    Gu Sensei bought a pair and has compared them to the HD-800, PS1000 and D7000 and summarised them quite nicely. Best write-up yet IMO (if you're familar with any of the other headphones at least). Thread | Post


    Originally Posted by Edwood /img/forum/go_quote.gif

    Originally Posted by HeadphoneAddict /img/forum/go_quote.gif
    I keep thinking (from the descriptions) that I might find them to be similar to my Stax O2 Mk1. I do look forward to hearing a pair of T1 someday.

    I did find that the T1 had a more viseral punch to the bass that kind of reminded me of the O2 with a good seal.


    MacedonianHero received his pair and compared them to D7000s. Thread | Post

    Korean site Goldenears has posted frequency response and waterfall plots of the T1:


    Note in the waterfall plot that the frequency cut-off is 200 Hz, so the bass decay isn't shown.


    Piotr Ryka changed his mind about them and posts some thoughts. Thread | Post
    dlrkdnjs had a meet with a couple of friends and compared them to HD-800s and HE-5s. Thread | Post
    Tyll Herstens has some more comments about the T1 compared to the HD-800. Thread | Post. (As of Feb 4, he said Headroom graphs wont be up for the T1 for a few weeks yet.)
  2. Shahrose
    Hey just wanted to let you know this is really appreciated. Your last list made searching for reviews much easier for the HD800 and this one does the same for the T1.
  3. Covenant Contributor
    Likewise. Thanks Currawong [​IMG]
  4. BaboonGuy
    Currawong pwns. Thanks again for all your blog posts!
  5. wakeride74
    Good central location to read different impressions of the T1.
  6. Tyll Hertsens Contributor
    Wow! What a great resource. Thanks, man.
  7. Seamaster
    That's alot of work, that make other people's life easier. Thanks!
  8. Roscoeiii
    Bravo. Many thanks.
  9. kunwar
    This is totally awesome, can't wait to listen to these, and MUCHLY thanks for putting so many useful links in one sweet spot.. you are awesome
  10. pidesd
    saves me a lot of reading.very appreciated
  11. kostalex
  12. wower
    This is great Currawong. Thanks.
  13. SoundShrew
    Thanks Currawong that's a good write up, appreciated.[​IMG]

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