Ohio Fall 2017 Meet Impressions

  1. AxelCloris Administrator
    Thanks everyone who made the trip to Springboro, OH for the recent meet and a huge thank you to @FunctionalDoc for opening his office to us and hosting the get-together. Let's get some impressions going and share our experiences. What impressed you most at the meet? Did you discover any new music? Were there any unexpected surprises? If you took photos at the event, this is a great place to share them as well.

    I don't have any listening impressions of my own to share as I didn't do much listening during the event, but it was an absolute treat getting to meet so many midwest Head-Fi'ers and put faces to the names I've seen around the forums. I did spend time discussing soundtracks with @Schwibbles and brought home a list of albums I'll have to hear soon. Apart from that, I spent most of my time answering questions about the gear we brought and talking audio with everyone. After the meet, a few of us went out for a bite and we even ended up talking headphones with the restaurant's waitstaff.

    I'm very much looking forward to future meets in the area. Hopefully I'll be able to squeeze the next Ohio meet into my schedule. Again, a massive thanks to Rick for organizing the meet. I had an absolute blast.
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  2. ZJee
    Man, sad i missed out on the meal afterwards. Didnt hear about that.
    I did a lot of listening and i preferred most of my own gear to anything i heard, even the very high end headphones. The only two headphones i may have to buy are the Fostex TH-610 and the ZMF Eikon. Both impressed me quite a bit more than anything else and i wish i had more time with them.
    It was also great meeting everyone at the meet. Lots of cool stories to hear and information to share. Learned a lot about other headphones and weather i should buy some headphones ive wanted to. Unfortunately i also learned that very few headphones are made with my tastes in mind, shame.
    Either way, great meet. Thanks for showing everybody! -Zane
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  3. tryzub
    Would the HP-3 or the Eikon sound better with an amp like the Liquid Carbon or something else under $1,000? I was told I'd love the Eikon, based on what the folks I chatted with knew about my listening tastes, but then I didn't like them when I heard them...or the HP-3, for that matter. Although the latter I listened to on Head-fi's rig - a Dave and a laptop. I listened to them both on my iFi BL and NFB 11.28 at the meet, too.

    But, for impressions, I really liked the TH900 MK2's with the BL and NFB. For reference, I like a "U" shape with tight bass and sub-bass. I don't like sparkle, but I do like the "chk" (vs. the "tsss") of the cymbals...again, tight in nature.

    I did NOT like the Bose Soundwave as far as an audiophile sound goes. That said, I thought it would be great for at least one use case: cleaning around the house - for these reasons:
    1. You can hear what's going on around you.
    2. You don't have to have speakers in every room turned on, thereby avoiding running a lot of electricity.
    3. You don't have to worry about your headphones falling off your head when you bend down.
    4. You won't be isolated from what's going on around you like when you use IEM's.
    I heard the HD800s with my same setup as well and was not blown away. I guess I need something different to appreciate them. The soundstage was not much different than with my Elears. It did sound clearer and blew away the Nighthawks (semi-closed, I know). Were they better than my SHP9500's? Of course, but not $1,700 better.

    I heard my DT-770 Pro 250 Ohm against the 80 Ohm. I like the 80 Ohm better. More bass - a fuller sound without being muddy.

    I also heard the Fiio X7 MK2. That made anything I plugged into it amazing. My DT-770's were, all of a sudden, worth at least 8 times more. If I were a DAP person, I'd be buying one.
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  4. XGeneX88
    This meet has left me feeling quite conflicted on what to get as my next pair of Closed-Backs.
    I was very impressed by the Ether Flow open backs at the meet and am considering the Ether C Flow based on my impressions. Would anyone in the Cleveland to Semi-Cleveland area have a pair of Ether C Flows I could audition one day whenever you're available? Even a quick 15 minute try would help me greatly!

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