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Official X3 2nd gen beta firmware thread--FW1.44: library search, ReplayGain, high speed USB, DoP, D2P...

Discussion in 'FiiO' started by joe bloggs, Jun 8, 2015.
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  1. fourrobert13
    I didn't even bother with this beta because the features I use have been disabled (OTG) or don't work (EQ).  I'll wait and see what happens when the next stable fw is released, but I don't care for the direction FiiO is going with this beta fw...just saying  [​IMG]
  2. Brooko Contributor
    The DAC is working - although it would be nice to have a single unified driver for X3ii, X5ii and X7 (PITA when having to continually uninstall one and reinstall another when questions are asked)
    And personally I love the extra functionality with the beta fw - but sorely missing the EQ.  Hopefully Fiio rectifies with a stable release soon.
  3. originalsnuffy
    I think there was a version of the TUSB driver 1.61 that handled all FIIO units.  But one has to reinstall it every time a new unit is added the to the mix.  
    Maybe someday there will be a unified driver for Windows that does not require the driver signing rigamarole.  Crazier things have happened.
    Maybe I just needed to run the driver again to get the beta firmware to work with OTG.  I had removed the old driver at one point to test out some other drivers and that could have been part of the problem.
    Anyway I love the way FIIO is so customer responsive, but this particular beta was not "the one".
  4. earfonia
    Thanks a lot for this Joe! I really respect Fiio for keep improving X3ii even though it is already a good and stable player.
    I will upgrade today and report any error if I find it.
  5. earfonia
    +1 for the unified driver.
  6. Romani
    How hard can it be to activate the equaliser on the latest beta. The wait is killing me :p
  7. aaDee
  8. JWolf
    There are other issues with the latest beta besides just the EQ. So it could be all of the known issues are getting fixed before a new beta.
  9. FiiO-Shadow
    As for the USB driver, at present, the DAC driver for the X7 can be compatible for the X5II and X3II. That is to say, every time, once there is a newest driver released, it can be compatible with the previous DAPs.
    The EQ issue will be fixed in the future firmware, and yeah, we will try to release a stable one soon.
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  10. JWolf
    Is the search going to be fixed? Right now search searches by filename and when we have our tracks numbered, the search is impossible to use. Also, search starts with the first character of the name. So e cannot search for a word that's not the first word of the track name. Same with any other search. So this should be fixed too so we can search fora word we know is part of what we are searching for. This to me is more important than the EQ. I've never actually used the EQ.
  11. RedTwilight
    Had an issue just now when I plugged the X3ii to the PC (it was already in USB mode: DAC from before). Was expecting it to automatically turn on like the X3C but it didn't and became unresponsive to long presses of the power button. Fortunately there's the reset button and that solved everything. 
    2nd time around, I turned on the X3ii first before pluggin git into the PC and DAC mode kicked in flawlessly.
  12. mike1808
    I've managed to make DAC working in Ubuntu for my laptop. The issue is that this DAC doesn't work when it's plugged in xHCI USB controller. I've remapped all my xHCI USB controllers to eHCI (my motherboard BIOS doesn't have this feature, so I should do it on the software layer). If someone has the same issues using Fiio X3 II on Ubuntu see my post on http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=2274844&p=13447501#post13447501
  13. mvenegas98
    Am I missing this feature?: I edit the disc number of my albums, like, song 1 to 9 (Disc 1) then song 1 to 3 (Disc 2). But my X3II doesn't read the disc number, it just orders the songs by track number and get them in disorder.

    I would like to see that fixed in the new firmware.
  14. fourrobert13
    You're not missing anything, it won't read disc numbers. You have to retag everything consecutively or separate the each disc into its own album.
  15. jayohhvee
    Hi i just updated to this firmware, should my SPDIF output be set to D2P or DoP?
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