Official New York Spring Meet - June 10, 2017 - impressions

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  1. MikeZhao
    It was such a treat to attend this meet. As a first time attendee of a NY area head-fi meet, I was blown away by the general knowledge and hospitality of the members. Events like this reinforce everything I find so enjoyable about this hobby. Huge kudos to the organizers and sponsors!
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  2. kamikaziH2Omln
    Big thanks to the organizers, sponsors, and various different companies that came from all around the world! It was a pleasure to meet all of you today, and I look forward to seeing you again in the future! I took a couple of pictures of the meet and added them to an Imgur album here. Take a look!
  3. DutchGFX
    Keep these coming! I'll post impressions once I'm at my desk but as always, it was a pleasure seeing everyone and meeting new people. Was a great meet! Big thanks to Tom for organizing and to all that attended!
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  4. bozebuttons
    I want to thank all the vendors for their support & donations to the not so silent auction As well as members who also donated their own gear for the auction which was a success.
    Member who helped running & taking down the power cords to the tables A Big Thank You!
    Thanks To Jude for flying in just to attend the meet, & all who. came out to eat after the meet and treating My wife & I to dinner Thanks again I really appreciated it.

    Not to mention all the members who attended,brought gear or just showed up.without you the meet would have not been a success.
    Hope everyone had a good time ,I know I did.For me its all about the community .Just a great group of people.

    It also doesn't hurt that I took the Shangri La & susvara home with me to play with for a week,thanks to my friend Fang who I would never have met if it wasn't for Head-fi & the community.

    It was my pleasure to host the meet:)
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  5. DiscoProJoe
    It was a great time yesterday, and the meetup gave me a strong sense of validation for everything! A good group of people, and great to meet everyone.

    In the next few days when I have time, I'll have to post a few photos I took, and give my impressions of some of the equipment I listened to.

    I'm at LaGuardia Airport right now, ready to head on to Oklahoma City and mid-America for two weeks to see family and relatives. Have fun!

    P.S.: Thanks again to Tom for his wonderful hospitality.
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  6. m8o
    Great seeing all that came and some nice long discussions. Hope folks enjoyed my setup (the wa22 and mjolnir amps fed by the m51 dac). As I took to say, it was all my best stuff that I didn't have bolted down (bolted into my 19" rack). Haha! (The M51 will eventually go into the rack)

    A smaller turnout than I had seen past times; but by the time of the auction the room seem full enough. Dave, enjoy that Grado. :) Lighter attendance had the advantage that the room was really quite quiet; one could really hear the killer Focal and HiFiMan headphones; and no lines! Haha.

    Standouts to me in no particular order. HiFiMan's whole table, ZMF's Eikon (want it), Woo's WA-33 (would be nice to have it; looking forward to hearing the effect of its rectifier I bought has on my wa22), the Mjolnir 2 + Gungnir stack. Got there early enough with about 4 hrs listening time after I setup yet still didn't explore the DIY table or that beautiful amp that was behind me.

    That Final audio magnetic planar was a revelation. Too bad it'll probably be a $3000 to $5000 phone; completely guessing with my only basis being Final full sized cans arent the best of bargans. Much thanks for bringing it @jude! I didnt get a chance to say your headband sock mod worked great. -haha I'm looking forward to hear of its release with fingers crossed for a consumer friendly price.
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  7. DutchGFX
    As usual, I didn't really listen much, I spent most of the day chatting away and making sure my amp was still working (thanks to George for saving my amp, but ruining my wallet by lending me EML 45s).

    - I really liked the PS2000 that Joe had, it was fantastic. I'm not usually a fan of Grados but the 2000 was quite nice.
    - The ZMF Atticus is a nice option for high impedance, and it sounds pretty good, but it is extremely heavy so I'm not sure if I could use them consistently.
    - Didn't listen to the Focal stuff. To be honest, after the Oppo PM1 disaster (in my opinion), I'm pretty pessimistic about general audio companies that start making headphones
    - George's stuff still impresses me, and he's one of the nicest guys around. I'll definitely be in touch with him regarding any other projects I have
    - I liked Max's modded new Denons, but we both agreed that the D5000 was superior
    - I was glad that I got a lot of opinions on THx00 Purpleheart vs. D5000. Anyone want to buy my THx00? lol
    - Fang was a pleasure to speak with, and his stuff is wildly impressive. I think the Ether and the HE1000 are my favorite current production headphones that I've heard, and the Shangri-La was outstanding
    - Jack's WA33 was amazing, and he's always fun to catch up with
    - The guys at Schiit (sorry didn't remember your names) were really friendly and pleasant
    - The Jade sounded great
    - Scott's "blue balls" were the joke of the morning, and it's always nice to discuss DIY with him
    - Most importantly, the diner was damn good.

    I met so many new faces at this meet, and I hope to see you all at the next meet!
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  8. bozebuttons
    I was also impressed with the Grado ps 2000e I was always a grado fan & it seems John has really stepped up to the plate with this one a must hear.
    The woo wa33 is a referance amp no doubt about it.
    The audeze I4 in ear that jack had sound really good out of the woo 8,color me impressed
    disco joes rockbox setup is a must hear for bassheads I didn't know headphones could do such pounding bass. He was using vmoda 100s

    Not a bad sounding setup at the meet.
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  9. ESL-1
    DSCN4407.JPG DSCN4421.JPG
    As always a BIG Thank You to Tom for making this happen, a great time was had by all. Many excellent conversations which is also a regular part of this meet. It was great to see Jude again so soon as I had also seen and spoke with him at the NY CanJam. I was super happy with the comments and impressions from all who stopped by my table showcasing the new Grado Flagship, the PS2000e. Although meets and shows sometimes makes it hard to get a really good listening experience (noise & distractions) I got pretty much 100% positive feedback from all who stopped by to give the Grado a listen. This is a very special phone, just wish I could have brought my Theta front end to really show them at their best. Todd's (TTVJ) Apex amp got good notice too.

    Going out to dinner with everyone after the meet was mucho fun with more than a few excellent backstories. More to come.....
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  10. ESL-1
    DSCN4415.JPG DSCN4406.JPG DSCN4405.JPG
    Jack Woo being his always charming self.

    Mullet in deep concentration enjoying the music.

    Glad you were able to make it, always fun to see you. Glad you also joined the group for dinner afterwards. Here are a few more photos from the show.
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  11. m8o
    The Audeze i4 was there and I missed it?! Dang.
  12. ZerkMeister
    Does anyone recall the names of the guys at Schitt? I had a question for one of them about their headphones. The Sony MDR Z7.
  13. LTSFBH
    Had a great time as usual. Great to see some old friends and a big thanks to Tom for putting together another great show! And thanks for the pizza! Got the chance to listen to some great setups, including Schiit, Blue Hawaii, Woo and Tyler's homemade amp. The highlight for me was finally getting the chance to listen to the new Grado PS2000e. My friend Joe had been telling me that they are a real game changer and he was right. I've been a Grado fan for quite a while and the 2000e are by far the best sounding Grado I've heard to date. From what I've heard, these could be an end game headphone for me!

  14. bozebuttons
  15. m8o
    So regarding the Grado PS2000e ... did everyone's ears press right up against the surface of the driver and you just ignore the discomfort? I didn't give it a chance for that reason, and sorry for missing out.

    The huge concave cavity of the foam that makes-up the pad is just too large for me (and I'm a big guy w/a big head) that the pad doesn't lift the driver off my ear enough (it does somewhat, but not a lot) . I'd almost like something like a wizzer-cone-like inner cone made of the same foam to enhance the pad pad, to give me those millimeters between ear and driver.

    I'm alone in this?

    Thought id also mention on response to the previous post, I brought my Meze 99 classic wood and listened to the Neo to compare ... thought I liked the Neo better in terms of a tighter uncolored presentation actually. I could see the difference people talk about. It definitely comes down to personal preference of preferring one over the other. Still like my woodies. But I see the appeal of the Neo and would be happy to own that instead.
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