Official New York Spring Meet - June 10, 2017 - impressions

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  1. doctorjazz
    Aww, missed a good 'un, it seems. Nice pictures! Had a family Bar Mitzva in DC that weekend (believe me, the meet would have been SO much more fun...)
    The Grado seems to have made an impression-believe I heard it at an earlier meet, liked it a lot.
    Curious about susvara vs HE-1000, recently got HEK v2, which I like a lot, any impressions/comparisons?
  2. bozebuttons
    I have yet to compare the 2 directly yet ,the hekv2 has been sitting in the box.
  3. tuxbass
    I would love to hear your thoughts when you do get to compare them. Please post here (or somewhere :))

    Can't thank you enough for everything you do to keep this meet going. Also thanks to all the vendors and everyone who brought their gear to share.
    It was a blast !!
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  4. tuxbass
    Thanks to this meet and @talan7 in particular, I ordered the Fireye HDB Portable Amp.
  5. ZerkMeister
    So I'm guessing noone here knew the names of the guys at Schitt? :frowning2: I think I know although I'm not sure.
  6. DiscoProJoe
    I think the older gentleman's name was Ada (or something like that). I can't remember the younger one's name.
  7. ZerkMeister
    Yea was hoping on knowing the younger one's name. Thanks though maybe it might give me a clue into who it was.
  8. bozebuttons
  9. ZerkMeister
    Thank you so much.
  10. ESL-1
    Late reply, I do think you were the only one who had an issue with fit or contact. There were many whose feedback referenced how comfortable they were especially for a headphone that is not light in weight. The new improved headband is a big bonus in that. I can wear mine for long sessions without any discomfort.
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