Official M3 firmware download and discussion thread - FW1.9--new UI theme, various UI improvements

Discussion in 'FiiO' started by fiio, Dec 18, 2015.
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  1. noknok23
    thanks, switching another usb port actually worked!
    BTW, new update from FiiO, haven't tested yet

  2. FiiO
    Dear users,
    Official firmware version FW1.9 for the M3 is now available!
    M3 FW1.9:>> Download link
    After downloading the file, please expand (unZIP) the zip archive and read "Instructions for updating the M3's firmware" contained within.
    For more information you can read the first post in this thread.
    Looking forward to your comments and feedback. [​IMG]
    Best regards
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  3. JK1

    Thank you for finally fixing the M3. It seems like it is now playing the songs of an album in order by track number. It has been frustrating waiting a year for this.
  4. danny93
    So with this firmware would you say the M3 is a better option than the Sandisk sport or clip+? Very keen to buy one but the problems with track listing and noise etc put me off. How is the font in direct sunlight now, and is there a theme with white font? Lastly is there an option for bookmarking in audio books? Thanks
  5. JK1
  6. noknok23
    Clip+ is discontinued so you won't find it at original price. Sport cannot be rockboxed...
    screen brightness of Fiio m3 is very bad, unreadable with sunlight. Themes have low lisibility with small light font on clear background, either orange on white or white on blue, it's rather a pain for the eyes. No option for bookmarking audiobooks. Don't even try to create playlists or queue a song. The software is primitive, slow and buggy. That being said, audio quality and power is better on M3 as well as battery life.
    for around $100 there is Xduoo x3 with rockbox
  7. TheoS53
    Or the Shanling M1
  8. noknok23
    right, shangling m1 looks very cool, nice build and rich in features. Can be paired with a dac via usb so work well for an eventual future uppgrade as well!
  9. danny93
    Thanks for the help! Think i will steer clear of the m3, mad how fiio cant employ someone who can program properly.

    I think i might try the AGPTek m07 or m20 that seem to get rave reviews. Only £20...thanks again!
  10. Shrayan
    I have recently purchased one Fiio M3 as I got a sweet deal on Amazon sale. Can someone please address these quarries that I have regarding it?

    1. Any new firmware available after 1.9?
    2. Most issues are resolved with this firmware 1.9?
    3. Any fix for the low screen brightness?
  11. FiiO
    Dear Shrayan,
    The FW1.9 is the newest firmware for M3. About the brightness issue, we will report to the engineers.
    Best regards
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  12. fiddlesticks
    Nothing of any relevance to better user experience has been improved. Surprised? Nope.
  13. TheoS53
    I agree, the screen brightness is a total joke. On max brightness outdoors I'm constantly look for or how to create shade in order to even hope to see something on the screen
  14. iancraig10
    I know that this is some time after this post, but regarding ability to read the screen, it would be very helpful for us older geezers if the font could be made bold or larger.

    As far as screen colours go, how about a simple black screen with white writing? This wouldn't require massive changes to its coding and I have to admit that a piece of coding written by another Headfi member for the X3 makes it highly visible outdoors.

    Maybe a lower power option in order to reduce noise to earbuds?

    I do like the M3 because it does have a lot of potential to be a very good cheap option. There is a tiny amount of hiss on 16ohm iem's but I have found that putting an Ifi reducer in line knocks this right on the head.

    With these two (quite simple to implement) options, it would transform the player into something special for the price imo.

    Sound is great. Also, Fiio, the support from your company is truly excellent and it seems that many of us take this for granted. So many thanks for your continued support for all of your products on here, including x1, x3 and x5 which I also have. Not many companies go to the lengths that you guys do.
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  15. emklap
    FW 1.9 still has a very poor font which is difficult to read. Found a tool that could lead to custom FW with better font(s).
    The M3i s based around ATJ 2129, says the ATJ2129 has a LQFP80 package, versus LQFP64 for the ATJ2127 so there must be little differences between the two.
    163K SRAM OC, 88K MASK ROM

    The file format (of the m3.hex FW file) is similar and maybe even the same as used in the sansa Clip Sport (

    also read this :,51518.msg235102.html#msg235102
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