Official M3 firmware download and discussion thread - FW1.9--new UI theme, various UI improvements

Discussion in 'FiiO' started by fiio, Dec 18, 2015.
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  1. TheoS53
    Yay, I should be getting my M3 tomorrow :-D

    Just going through this thread, I see that the M3's fw can't be modded by users. This is a real pity, as I was hoping I'd be able to make some themes for it (like I did with the x5). The standard theme layout looks really sloppy imo.

    Any news on when the next fw will come out, and a few more themes? Thanks
  2. dirkvictor
    Hello, any chance to get a theme  with  bigger  fonts?  or have the ability to increase font size?  The eyes are not as good as they used too be.  Thanks
  3. TheoS53
    I've already mentioned this too. I don't know if the size of the text is an issue though, but it does seem rather thin and not appropriate for such a low res screen
  4. Levistras
    Hey guys,
    Been playing with the M3 for about a week now... There are solutions to some of the issues mentioned here and seems unfortunate that FiiO hasn't responded officially.
    Regarding tracks being listed/played out of order, this seems to be an issue with filenames that have a space in them before the numbers.  In parallel to this, if you ensure your number is always ## this issue doesn't seem to happen.
    For example..  
    "1 - Test"
    "10 - Test"
    "2 - Test"
    can be fixed by doing:
    "01 - Test"
    "02 - Test"
    "10 - Test".
    "Awesome Album - 01 - Track Stuff"
    "Awesome Album - 10 - Track Stuff"
    "Awesome Album - 02 - Track Stuff"
    can be fixed by doing:
    "01 - Awesome Album - Track Stuff"
    "02 - Awesome Album - Track Stuff"
    "10 - Awesome Album - Track Stuff"
    I know the above is a pain, but it seems to work for me in all cases.
    Regarding SD Card tracks not showing up in the Audio Library, this happened for me when I formatted my SD card on a PC and then loaded it on a PC with my SD card reader.   To fix, I formatted the external storage (back your files up first) from within the M3 settings menu, and then transferred all my tracks back onto the M3 via the USB cable.   After transfer was complete, all my audio from both internal 8gb and external MicroSD card show up within the library and are present in the songs/artists/albums listings.
    Hope these workarounds help you guys!
    ( Also see my review of the M3 here: )
  5. fiddlesticks
    Wow, I can't wait to redo all of this CRAP because Fiio engineers can't write code. Yay.
  6. JK1
    Five months more have passed, and these problems still haven't been fixed. I hope these finally get fixed. I hope Fiio does a better job on the firmware for their next players.
    The X1 firmware works properly, however it doesn't have many features(I'm used to using Rockbox which is feature rich). The M3 firmware doesn't even do something as basic as properly playing the songs of an album in track number order.
  7. TheoS53

    It seems you guys are deliberately ignoring the issue of when the M3 will finally get a new update. I know you guys said the M3 wasn't as good as you had hoped...but that's no excuse to simply  sweep it under the rug. 

    C'mon guys, fix your current devices properly before releasing new devices. All you're doing is making customers lose faith in you
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  8. JK1
    If only Fiio improves the M3 firmware so it will play songs in order by track number all the time, and won't make occasional stuttering/buzzing noises, the player might be a great seller. They seem to have minimized the occurance of the stuttering/buzzing sounds with each firmware update, however these sounds should never occur.
  9. JK1
    How about making the font size and boldness for the M3 display the same as the X1 has? The text on the X1 is so much easier to read than on the M3.
  10. JK1
    Apparently the skipping/stuttering I experienced using my M3 with 1.7 firmware was due to compatability issues with a Transcend class 10 32GB card. That same card though gives no issues when used in my Fiio X1.  I now have a Sandisk Class 10 32GB card in my M3 and played a few albums without getting any of those skipping/stuttering noises. I hope this is helpful for others.
    Is it so hard to fix the firmware so the songs will play in order by track number? That shouldn't be so complicated to do.
  11. noknok23
    Does anyone has also trouble with random unmounting? The player unmount itself after a few minutes, I have to transfer files rather quickly. and do several tries when big albums are used. Cable is working fine with other devices
    PS:The absence of update is ridiculous, I posted a complain on the facebook page of Fiio like 3 months ago, they replied saying it was in testing phase and about to be published . What a bunch of ********ters...
  12. fiddlesticks

    Yes, I had this problem as well. I solved it by trying different USB ports. It seems to be picky about USB ports and cables. I think I had to try another cable AND another port. Yeah, Fiio SUCKS because it looks like they will never do a decent firmware update for this player.


    Well, don't worry Fiio. For all of us with all these problems with this problematic player, this will be the last thing we ever buy from you.


    Enjoy going out of business.
  13. JK1

    Are you using a rear usb port?  Are you plugging the cable directly into the usb port, and not through a hub or usb extension cable? If you are using a notebook, plug the notebook into a power source before connecting the player. On some notebooks, power to the usb port is greatly reduced when using it on battery power. Some notebook power saving settings throttle back the usb ports to USB1 when running on battery power.
  14. noknok23
    I use a Windows laptop plugged in. With USB 3 and 2 ports.
  15. JK1
    The problem might be with the usb cable you are using. Are you sure the cable is fully inserted into the player? On my M3 it isn't that easy to get the plug properly inserted. have you tried using other cables? Which card do you have in the player? Is it a fast Sandisk card? If not, that might also be part of the problem.
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