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Oddly Specific Recommendations for a Super Basshead <=200

  1. xedjflowx
    Time goes by but I never stop visiting head-fi. Years before I signed up and years after not having logged in, I still visit. But today, I'm in eager need of all your help.
    The reason I call my title oddly specific is because I'm looking for IEMs only with ability to replace the cord with - of course - replacement cords such as shure 215 IEMs.I'm a big workout person. Bench press, deadlift, squats, cardio are all things I do which provide intense cable stress to my IEMs. Many of my IEMs end up breaking and whilst I do go through many pairs of earphones, I want one that can bring me great sound quality without having to purchase a new IEM every time that the audio jack's cable gets loose and loses sound to one of the ears. Thus, I think it's worth my investment to get great sound in my more casually used IEMs and instead of using the same pair to workout, breaking it and buying a new pair every time (I can just get a replacement cable). Sure, some IEMs have lasted longer than that but not much more than a year with daily use and with my large lossless library, I'm disappointed that my desktop setup with monitors has all the glory. When I'm with my IEMs, I'm constantly taken out of a song because it sounds so much better on my studio monitors.
    Pairs I own(ed):
    - countless $20 pairs from CVS before I knew about head-fi
    - Nuforce NE-6 (was in love with - too much cable stress after a year - cut the cable kept the drivers)
    - Nuforce NE-600 (fun while they lasted, poor build quality, cable stress)
    - Meelec SP51 (great value, right ear lost some volume so I don't use anymore)
    - JVC HAFX1x (extreme bass - crappy backup iems)
    - Xears Ultraphile (broke original and replacement pairs within a month, wasn't even impressed with sound - will never buy Xears again; both pairs fell apart not even by cable stress)
    - UE MetroFi220 (great value @ $25 - too much cable stress and trashed)
    - Dunu DN-12 (good for $25; initially unimpressed but after burn-in very enjoyable)
    - Soundmagic E10S (fairly new - really enjoy when i EQ a bit of bass boost in poweramp)
    and a good number more I can't think of right now
    Sure, some IEMs have lasted longer than that but no more than a year with daily use.
    What I'll be using the IEM for
    - Casual use (library, walking, laundry, walking dog)
    - Working out (not my ideal scenario but it could happen where it's the only pair I have on hand)
    - Some music production (on FL studio - sometimes I have musical inspiration when not at home but those cheap IEMs don't do at all)
    What I listen to:
    - Dance/House
    - Hip-Hop
    - Pop
    - everything else but just a bit
    LG G3 with Extremebeats Studio Mod played in Poweramp. (Over 70% of my library is lossless and the rest is 320kbps MP3). You might be able to tell that I take my music quite seriously but haven't been able to take advantage of it fully.
    What I'm looking for:
    - VERY Bassy IEM (sub and mid) - it seems the only IEMs which have been able to meet my likes of bass without EQ are the JVCs minus their god awful distortion)
    - Doesn't compromise clarity of mids and highs
    - Obvious frequency seperation (don't like hearing distortion, muddiness or closterphobic sounds)
    - Warm/fun sound signature preferred along with wide soundstage
    - MUST HAVE ABILITY FOR REPLACEMENT CORDS (I view it as an investment and it must be treated that way or else I'll break them muahahaa)
    - Overall, something that sounds great in all areas with a larger-than-life bass reproduction
    On my Radar :
    - Shure SE215 Blue Edition AKA Bass Edition
    - UE Triplefi 10 (If i can find them used for $200)
    - Audio-Technica ATH-IM70
  2. xedjflowx
    anyone? i'm leaning towards the ATH-IM70's but am still very open to more suggestions for my music types.. i feel as if i still don't know enough about any certain IEM to make a decision as there are so many to choose from still.
    EDIT: sorry mods, as i just realized i have bumped my thread a bit too early. it only occured to me after making the post.
  3. warrior1975
    Have you checked the used section here? sometimes you can get incredible deals. I was able to purchase a pair of ASG2 used, for $200...Now those have incredible bass.

    I've heard great things about the ath-im70s. I just picked up their ckr9s, which have a decent amount of bass. They go for $1800-220.
    Vsonic GR07BE are under $200,but neither of those have detachable cable. I use mine for the gym as well, just have to be super careful. I usually try to wear the wire under my shirt. There is also a bass head thread in this forum, I believe they have one for sub $200 phones if I'm not mistaken.
  4. xedjflowx
    After looking at which IEMs you're talking about and looking at reviews, I'm actually super jealous that you managed to snag those for $200. I've also checked out the Basshead thread but the OP seems to be under construction. Will definitely be scoping out the For Sale Forum from now on. Thanks mate.
  5. warrior1975
    NP. good luck with your search
  6. Tr1ppy
    Pioneer dje 1500?
    I don't have them myself but I hear they're great all rounders and have removable cables.
    I'm not sure if they'll have the earth shattering bass you after, or how deep the bass extends, but there's a review here on Head Fi which sys that they are good for all sorts of music, edm and hip hop included.

    Link to their thread: http://www.head-fi.org/t/708529/pioneer-new-dj-in-ear-headphones-dje-2000-and-dje-1500

    Review on page 3 :wink:

    I would have got them myself but I'm waiting for more impressions and reviews of the sennheiser momentum in ears.

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