Nuraphones!! anyone tried them ?

Discussion in 'Sound Science' started by alokjuyal, Oct 2, 2018.
  1. alokjuyal

    Have been hearing a lot of buzz around these headphones. I shall try to audition them if they are available in Singapore but curious if someone on head-fi has tried these!
  2. bigshot
    Nice video! It explains without explaining anything! What exactly is it "hearing back"? The size of your ear canal? The space between your ears? What exactly is it adjusting? Response? Time? No way to know. But we know that the iPhone interface is as easy as "set it and forget it"!
  3. alokjuyal
    True, everything about it screams 'gimmick'! But its new and so someone must give it a shot :) I am surprised I haven't seen any posts. All compares on the "reviews" is vs the sports cans. Nothing serious yet
  4. taffy2207
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  5. alokjuyal
    Some chatter from owners here, make of it what you will :-[/QUOTE]

    Thank you @taffy2207! The AV forums link was interesting and with compares to the K550 and SR325i, I got a better sense of where in the headphone tiers they might sit. Of course nothing beats trying them yourself which I shall get around to do. My Stax and Roxannes can rest easy for now it seems, these Nuraphones aren't changing the world just yet but its great to see new designs and experiments. Entry-level and entry-level+ audio is getting better for people who do some research and we are all better off for it.
  6. bigshot

    If you do, make sure you get a no questions asked refund guarantee, because it smells to high heaven of snake oil hyperbole to me.
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  7. alokjuyal
    it does indeed :beerchug:

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