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NuForce NE-6/7 vs NE-700X

  1. kbsmasta
    I, like many others, fell in love with the NE-6. I had a pair that got stolen in Malaysia. I returned to the US and after a bit of research I got a pair of MEE SP51P (I was able to find the SP51P for cheaper than the SP51 somehow) which I dont find as great a IEM as the NE-6. I see the NE-6 is on ebay for $80, but I can't bring myself to pay this price because I previously paid only $40. The SP51M doesn't have as punchy of bass, and I also don't think it has as great clarity.

    I also thought the NE-6 fit perfectly in my ear with the small size ear tips. The earpiece itself was small enough that I could even sleep with them because they hardly protruded from my ears. This is not the case with the SP51.

    So I emailed NuForce about this and they recommended the NE-700X. I was asking them if they happened to have any more NE-6s somewhere lying around. After reading some reviews, I read that overall the NE-700x seems to have improved from the NE-6/7 but the NE-700X has slightly less overpowering bass (I prefer stronger punchy bass), and the diameter of the can is also slightly larger. This leads me to believe that I might prefer the older NE-6/7 over the new NE-700X. Has anyone been able to compare these two IEMs??
    The only downside about the NE-6 was that there was quite a bit of cable noise. I read reviews where others had mentioned this as well. Wondering if the 700X is the same...

    Thanks ahead of time for any information.

  2. kbsmasta
    seems pointless, but... bump
  3. Andrerox
    Ok...I have auditioned the NE-6 before and,my personal opinion is that it is better than the 700x...i own the 700x and just thought it was quite a disappointing purchase,the good thing about the 700x is it's build and nothing else.

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