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Northern Virginia, Maryland, DC Meet: January 28th

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  1. the South
    I am new to the audio world and just started lurking on head-fi 3-4 months ago. Very excited to find out about the meet because it seems I can try out a good number of headphones I've heard about on head-fi. My equipments consist of a HD555 and a HA-RX700 which I don't think are worth bringing since they are quite common and inexpensive by head-fi standard.
    Looking forward to seeing everybody!
  2. ReeltoReal
    Hey everyone,
    I'm a long time lurker here.  This is the first meet I plan on attending.  I don't have any outrageous gear, but I will be bringing my laptop with my AD900s and my mbox2.  Sounds like it will be a great time.
  3. jc222284
    WOW! this meet is only about 5 minutes from my house. To bad I cannot go! It would be a great experience for me since I am only 15. [​IMG]
  4. dj nellie
    Cool, looks like we have a nice group coming out.  I'm down for pizza and beer afterward, although now that we're not across the street from the Lost Dog Cafe, where would we go?
  5. Timestretch
    I don't know the area, unfortunately. I suppose we'll just have to spend the meet discussing and researching local restaurants, rather than auditioning headphones. I do like my food and I wouldn't want to brashly rush into any old restaurant without first carefully considering the best opportunities. Respectable dining is always a high priority issue!
  6. tme110
    I only quickly read the first post and I saw 'meet at a previous location' which I thought was the place with the beer across the street - but now that I actually read it, I can see this is clearly a different place.  So no big deal.
    I am STILL supposed to be out this weekend but my travel arrangements still have not been made so I'm guessing I'll be around anyway.  If so, I'll probably just bring my AGD-10ES amp/dac, LCD-2r2's and magnum 325is's. I still have a nfb-1 balanced DAC looking for a new home.
  7. Otakusound


    You should still bring your gear, I've heard of both headphones but never listened. I'll be bringing Portapros for anyone who hasn't listened before; gear can be pretty good at any $ range.
  8. schaqfu
    Yes, but unfortunately it's in a different location that I won't be able to get to before the meet.  Well, possibly -- I'll try.

  9. schaqfu
    If it arrives in time, I'm very excited to add to the list below my newly-purchased CEntrance DACmini CX with the 1-ohm mod.  I'm really looking forward to it.

  10. brobilly
    Can't wait to see you guys tomorrow.
    I will bring most of the Hifiman(Head-direct) headphone products, including: HE6, HE500, HE400. New Hifiman Headphone amplifier: EF6. Meridian G08.2 CD player.
  11. schaqfu
    Wow, my brain has been underperforming, obviously, because I've had in my mind until just now that the meet is a week from tomorrow, despite the clear label of January 28.  I'll still make it, I'm just glad someone used the words "see you guys tomorrow" to wake me up!

  12. Timestretch
    Is it uncommon at meets for people to (with owner permission) try out different sets of headphones on different amps and such? Like, for example, Guy A's amp, Guy B's headphones, Guy C's source?   
    Should probably put little labels on all my stuff, huh?
  13. brobilly


    Of course. But I don't think you need to put labels on your stuff since there won't be many people..
  14. scompton Contributor
    I've never had a problem with my stuff at meets and I've brought up to 20 headphones.
    Speaking of which, unless someone wants to hear something in particular, I'll only bring a few headphones.
  15. Otakusound


    Wow, just looked at your collection. Were you planning on bringing any of your Stax along? I understand it could be a pain bringing amp and energizer though so if it's a hassle don't mind those. You've got so many old orthos too, if you'd be willing could you just bring one or two that you're partial to? Oh dang, you've got a akg 240df and sextette too, those are quite interesting as well. Anyway, if you bring any one of those things I'll be sure to be there hogging them.
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