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Non Apple bud-style earphone with microphone?

  1. tartufo
    A couple days ago, my best friend approached me asking for advice on a decent, Android-compatible earphone with a microphone. She said that couldn't find anything else, she would go ahead with either the Apple Earpods or the older Apple buds. My first thought was the Sony MH1C - less expensive than the Apple buds and with great reviews all over this site, and immediately suggested them.
    But here's the catch: it turns out that she refuses to use IEMs on account of them being "uncomfortable" and because they "fall out easily". As a long time IEM user, I told her that properly fitted IEMs are in no way uncomfortable and stay put perfectly, that she should perhaps try some new tips, and even offered to give my extra foamies, but all to no avail. At this point, I am ready to concede defeat and find her some bud style headsets, but this proved more difficult than I'd anticipated - other than OEMs, the only ones I could find were the ATH-505is, which have little to no reviews online.

    Should I give up and let get the Apple earbuds or are there better alternatives for a similar price or less?  Alternatively, how do I convince her to give IEMs a chance? Thanks :)
  2. flatmap
    My daughter doesn't care for the in-ear experience either.  If going with Apple, then the new earpods are far better sonically than their earlier earbud model.  
    I bought a pair of the earpods to use with my Blackberry and it seems they did a good job with the mic.  Also no problem following phone conversations.   Sorry I don't know if the Apple in line controller works with Android applications or not.  The controller volume controls do not work with my Blackberry phone but the middle button does mute and unmute the call.
  3. ZARIM
    I will recommend to try JVC FX67(aircushion), Sony EX310, earpods, Panasonic HJE450,  JVC FXC50 (all offers great soundquality compared to Apple included earbuds) and they sit outer ear and wont fallout often,
  4. tartufo

    Seems like the earpods have been getting quite a good reception, especially compared to the older buds, and I'm glad to hear that at least the microphone works with non-Apple products. She will only be using the mic aspect of the headphones for calling, so it sounds like these will be a good choice.
    All of your suggestions look like excellent and comfortable choices, but it seems that (please correct me if I'm mistaken) only the earpods actually have a mic, which is the main reason my friend is looking for new earphones. 
    The earpods are probably actually the best option then. I cringed at the thought of the old buds, but it looks like Apple has done something right with these :)

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