Noise isolating IEMs for $100+/-25 in Shanghai, China
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I emailed Fang sometime last week and he said that if I paypal'd him the money for the RE0, he'll just ship the earphones over free of charge. However, I'm not too big a fan of a blind purchase (I like to hear it before I buy it) so I didn't go for that. My parents would probably freak out anyway if they noticed I withdrew more money from my US bank account.

Instead, I decided to go to Anrun in Pudong for the 3rd time in a little more than a week and ended up auditioning the Westone UM1 and the Audio Technica CK9 (was trying to buy the Audio Technica ATH-CKM70). The CK9 was as described here on Head-Fi: lacking bass and really I found them so lame I didn't even want to listen any more after about 15 seconds. Regarding the UM1: While the music isn't as bright and clean as my HD595 and the bass is about level with my HD595, I would say that I loved the comfort and the noise isolation. The eartips don't try to bulge against my ear canal and it makes an amazing seal so I bought the suckers. After I ate some Subway near the Oriental Pearl, I rode the subway back and listened to them on the way back and found the isolation better than I could imagine. I got weird looks when I'm wore them since they go over my ears but I now hear pretty much nothing but the music and needless to say I'm very pleased. And now my wallet is empty, again. Thanks to all that helped.
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Philips SHE9850 are easy to find and it's isolate well.

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