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NOBLE Savant Thread (Impressions, Reviews, Tours)

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  1. groovyd
    to be honest I am hearing things in the bass, mid-bass, and throughout the entire spectrum that I have never heard before, even with my LCDs. these things are impressing the h out of me [​IMG] 
    the biggest advantage of these over the ER4s however is just being able to have them in my ears for hours on end without any comfort issues.
  2. d marc0
    You're welcome guys! [​IMG] Glad to be of service. I'll let you know as soon as the review unit arrives.
    @Brooko no worries mate. we'll set it up to arrive on the 24th.
    Meelec M9 bi-flanges have been my go to tips with Noble IEMs. They allow deep insertion without getting too uncomfortable and yes, the bass is projected better the deeper you go. Comply foam tips are still the way to go for the best comfort in my experience although it does affect the overall clarity a bit. 
  3. d marc0

    Good to know you're enjoying the Savant. How does it compare to the ER4s sound wise? I'm guessing the Savant will be more musical?
  4. groovyd
    much more musical... really much better in my opinion all around.  i am even considering just using these all day at my desk instead of my LCDs because the sound is so immersive yet the weight is non-existent.  my neck would thank me for that.  i only wish i bought them a week later and got the 15% off rather than the BTS which I have no need for considering I use them with my DX90 on the go.
  5. d marc0
    I'd like to welcome @boneofimba to the tour. It'll be interesting to know if the Savant complements your K10 for day-to-day listening.
    That's good to know, it's not an easy feat for an IEM to compete with full-sized open headphones. As for the BTS, you might find use for it in the future... personally I find wireless listening a necessity for outdoor activities.
  6. groovyd
    but the DX90 with it sounds so dmn good it would be hard to go wireless with a chinsy little amp and in that thing.
  7. boneofimba

    thank you Mark for adding me to the tour
    DJScope likes this.
  8. groovyd
    If anyone knows how to enable aptX on the latest OSX for use with the BTS please please... i tried following all google links and even 'force aptX' using Bluetooth Explorer and it still pairs and plays using the SBC codec.  Anyone else have this issue?
  9. tkteo
    I wonder if it is a bug in OS X. I am looking through various discussion threads on various forums and there seems no consistent way to keep apt-X as default even when both source and receiving devices support it.
    I own a Noble BTS myself so yeah kinda crummy if OS X support is screwed up.
  10. d marc0

    From my understanding, Apple products dont have aptx transmitters. Mac OS X support aptx tho.. Just not sure if imac and macbook have transmitters built-in.
  11. d marc0

    I've read that other Bluetooth devices connected to your mac triggers bandwidth efficiency protocols thus disabling aptx. Try disconnecting other Bluetooth devices such as your mouse then connect the BTS first.

  12. groovyd
    sounds reasonable but i don't think that is a solution for me as I use both bluetooth magic mouse and keyboard. whatever happened to 'just works'?
    so i guess I have my BTS up for sale if anyone is interested, pretty much unused of course :wink: i'll pay the shipping if anyone is willing to pay $90 for the unit.  really a shame i didn't wait another week to just get the 15% off the Savants.
  13. jwbrent
    New to Noble but I'm interested in these. What is the quality of the included cable? Is it designed to wrap around the ear or can it hang straight down?
    Thanks for any replies ...
  14. Watagump

    The cable goes over the ears.
  15. jwbrent
    Thanks. It seems the 1k plus iems all wrap around your ear. I wear glasses, so i'm not a fan of that design.
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