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No sound from left driver?

Discussion in 'Dedicated Source Components' started by blaalad12, Feb 20, 2015.
  1. Blaalad12
    Hey guys. Just connected my dac to the tv today via optical and then rca from dac to amp but iam only getting sound in the right channel, none in the left? Everything seems to be connected fine.

    Any ideas?
  2. Mr Rick
    Does your DAC have have other inputs. Try them, and if your left channel returns you have a problem with your TV.
  3. Blaalad12

    Nope, it's a fiio d03k. Can't imagine it's a fault with the tv when sound from the tvs speakers is perfect. I assume it's to do with the rca cable?
  4. Blaalad12
    Sorry if iam explaining this poorly but it seems to be a problem with the white rca connection on either the dac or the amp because i tried another rca cable and still no sound in the left speaker. If i unplug the white and touch the input/output i should hear noise/interference but iam getting nothing so i presume it's a faulty connection on either the dac or the amp but how do i figure out which one?
  5. Mr Rick
    Reverse the cables. Does the problem reverse itself??
  6. Mr Rick
    Take the one working channel and try it on both inputs of the amp. If both work then it's the DAC. 
  7. Blaalad12
    Ok guys,I done the following. I left both red and white plugged into the amp and i tried rubbing the other end off the connections on the dac. If i rub the white against white i get no noise. If i rub red against red i get noise BUT only if white is plugged in??? If i unplug white and rub red against red i get nothing. Iam assuming the left output on the dac is faulty?

    Just hope iam right n that it's not the white input on the amp
  8. Blaalad12

    Hang on. Maybe your right. If i leave both plugged into the dac and rub the red input off both input connections on the amp i get nothing from either in terms of noise but if i plug the red in i get sound in the right??
  9. Mr Rick
    As I said. Take the working channel and plug it into each input of the amp. If both channels work than it is NOT the amp. 
    Blaalad12 likes this.
  10. Mr Rick
    Maybe?? Hell, I did this for a living for many years.
    Blaalad12 likes this.
  11. Blaalad12
    Sorry for the delay in replying guys. I was on the phone. Yeah it's the amp :frowning2:

    I tried the working channel on both inputs on the amp and it only works on one (red/red) if i try red to white i get nothing.... Well technically there did seem to be sound but it was extremely faint.

    Is it an easy fix? Can the faulty connection be replaced?
  12. Mr Rick
    Easy fix? No. It needs to go back for repair.
  13. Blaalad12

    Sorry, I mean is it easy to repair? I presume it's not a big job?
  14. Mr Rick
    Difficult to know until they open it up and trouble shoot the problem. Could be a loose connection or a defective component.  Either way, should be easy to fix.
  15. Blaalad12

    Thanks man. I know a guy that should be able to fix it so hopefully it's a handy fix and doesn't cost too much. I'll give him a ring tomorrow. Thanks for helping me trouble shoot the problem

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