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No Shame on Audeze!!! Buyer needn't beware.

Discussion in 'Headphones (full-size)' started by analog'd, Jan 31, 2015.
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  1. Audio Addict Contributor

    That really is not unusual. Usually they only warrant for the balance of the original warranty period. Also, they may not be new but refurbished.
  2. TheDreamthinker
    Did the replacement go well?
  3. whitemouse
    You know what just happened, Audeze DID man up!
    I just received an email from Audeze management, short and to the point: 
    'Send them in, we take care of it!', and the RMA number. I doubted them, but they do stand by their product! This is such a relief!
  4. bfreedma

    Good to hear! One of the reasons I asked if you had called them is that Audeze has a good track record of working with owners. When I had issues with my LCD3s, I found calling them to be far more effective than using only email.
  5. analog'd

    congrats! Let's hope they have re-thought the impact of that $800 charge on themselves and their customers.
    This is great news. 

    but there is NOTHING usual about this situation. they shipped drivers that have systematically crapped out. They need to sand behind them, as they apparently have recognized at least in this one case. Hopefully we shall see that this is the leaders of Audeze remembering who they are, and who they wish to be.  
  6. feverfive
    I'm interested in seeing how this plays out.  I have avoided buying Audeze up to this point mostly because of the weight.  I was considering the EL-8 as an introduction for me w/ their products; faulty drivers + crappy replacement terms isn't very appealing to me, as a potential, new customer.
  7. analog'd

    he hadn't called them since Friday when he had a very unhappy conversation. this magically appeared after these posts were made. probably a coincidence though, since Audeze is so wonderful in all ways at all times. thought you were dropping out?
  8. analog'd

    read a few posts above to see that Audeze has come through for whitemouse. this bodes very well, or at least we can hope so. someone just mentioned Audeze being great to deal with at least when you make phone contact. they have actually been amazing to deal with via any medium, until this $800 charge started. The mention of someone at Audeze being "short" on the phone over this was extremely surprising as they are famous for being anything BUT impolite or unkind. We can hope this reflects a course correction to policies that take care of customers and allow them to spend thousands of dollars on a pair of headphones without worry - and allow Audeze's people to remain as polite and friendly as ever (without the very ugly issue between them and the customer).   
  9. bfreedma

    Knocking me for congratulating Whitemouse on getting his headphones covered?

    You almost seem disappointed that Audeze made good with him.
  10. whitemouse
    I hope the new, more affordable line will be success. It very, very likely will, at $700 range they almost have no competition. And people see spending $700 on headphones not outrageous. This new line will be massive success.
    Audeze is one of the few companies I can think of, that came to market with something that set a totally new benchmark. I can't think of any audio gear, that was such huge leap forward, not a leap, a jump. They deserve every success in the world. So much of Hi End audio market is filled with questionable, seriously over priced, and under performing products, Audeze isn't cheap, but you get what you pay. 
    LCD-X got the Stereophile's highest award in 2014.  I don't know how much impact Stereophile has right now, but in 90s, it was Corey Greenbergs review of Grado SR 60, that made Grado what it is today. I went out and bought the SR60 the very next day, and so did thousands, tens of thousands  of people. A rave review by Stereophile  meant huge success and piles of money then.
    Same happened with Totem Model One small loudspeakers. 
    I wish Stereophile award carries as much weight now, as it did in 90s. Cos if someone has come up with game changing gear like the LCD-2 were in 2010-2011, they deserve to rule the audio marketplace.
    There is a Ken Rockwell review of LCD-3, at the end he makes very important point, people don't mind spending $1000 on a large tv screen, that is considered absolutely normal. But our non audiophile friends think we are slightly mad spending this much on set of headphones. Ken makes a point that that to obtain this level of audio quality in a living room, amps and loudspeakers, we are talking ten of thousands of dollars. If we think on those terms, Audeze are not expensive at all.
    I wish the driver issue gets resolved once and for all. 
  11. kcazbarach
    that's just insane.
    Now look from the customer service aspect, I can understand. How much past it's 3 years is it?
    but charging $800?
    That's excessive, the repair price should be close to what the part cost and maybe  alittle for overhead and labor but I'm willing to bet a single driver costs a lot less than $800. There's no way they can be selilng that with only a GP or around $300-$350.
    very disappointed in Audeze to say the least.
  12. analog'd

    man, you haven't understood a single thing I've said to you. ask whitemouse if I'm disappointed.  
  13. the_thatguy
    I just love this thread.
  14. VintageSTX
    Glad to hear that!
    I tweeted this thread at them because I was a bit surprised to have not seen a rep reply. Not sure if that had an effect but still nice to hear :D
    analog'd and whitemouse like this.
  15. analog'd

    we're here to entertain, ya know?
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