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Some swear by EQ's and some don't use them at all. For myself, I can be a heavy equilizer user until I find the perfect sound I like for each headphone.
I have a question I need answered... how is it that you non-EQ users appreciate your headphones, because whenever I turn off all EQ's and use line out they make my headphones sound more like stock Ipod earbuds.
Enlighten me.
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Different headphones have different sound signatures. I believe people just like to appreciate the sound of the headphones how they are. Not entirely sure though.
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People here EQ all the time. They just do it on a hardware level
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I have been off of "EQ" for a few years now. At first it was hard , everything sounded dull , flat and lifeless. Then I started to listen , really listen to the music , it was actually balanced , accurate and transparent. I could hear things much more clearly in all registers when not artificially boosting others. I speak of this only in headphone or I.E.M. use. For speakers EQ may be needed to "help" the acoustics of a given room , that I still employ. Also only cut don't boost is a pretty good motto for EQ , but to each his own.
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If you have to EQ then you're listening to the wrong headphones.

I find EQ is generally used to make up for a headphones lack of punch in a certain area, but you're also adding distrotion to the music. Its much better to find a headphone that matches you instead of making up for what you want to hear and what it produces with EQ.
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Originally Posted by Skrying
If you have to EQ then you're listening to the wrong headphones.


The problem with EQ is that your headphones are always going to sound "worse" when you turn it off because you're used to hearing the EQ'd sound.
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Originally Posted by aggiegrads
I tend to agree, but changing EQ is a lot cheaper than changing headphones.

Trading. I've traded nearly all my pairs of headphones till I finally got the right pair for me. I did a $70 investment into one headphone and now 5 pairs later and no other money spent I've found the perfect pair for me.
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I dont really feel the need to EQ my Grados. They are EQ'd enough for my tastes. Yes IMHO the HD580 could use more bass kick and aggressive mids... but doing so would ruin that laid back signature which is what I enjoy about them.

My tube amps and Grados are EQ'd enough for my tastes.
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This reminds me of the guy that said ... Elton John's Goodbye Yellow Brick Road (MFSL) sounds dull and lifeless in comparison to the recoular release. That's because he doesn't understand that the regular release is EQed for FM radio while the MFSL release is the way it is meant to sound without the extra EQ.

If you get used to having the bass turned way up and the highs boosted and then go back to flat, you will hear the music sound darker and the bass weaker. But remember this.. when you EQ, you can actually make the music worse. If it's an MP3 source you can easily be accentuating the MP3 aftifacts so they sound more out there and that will in tern ruin the tunes. It's bad enough with a flat EQ to hear the mess MP3 can make. But to boost that is way worse.
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Originally Posted by Sinwerm
...Also only cut don't boost is a pretty good motto for EQ , but to each his own.

Could someone explain what does it mean to cut not boost?

I read it numerously on this forum that some recommend to cut "it" to -12db or whatever, what does this mean? does this have the same idea of pre-amp? Or is it more like instead of increasing, for instance, the bass, you oughta decrease it "cut it" ?
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on an EQ slider thing, don't move it up, only down

the signals you want the highest should be at 0 and the signals you want the lowest should be at -12 or whatever.

so instead of boosting bass, decrease the treble

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